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Iskalni niz: "ključne besede" (damage) .

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Nature-inspired substituted 3-(imidazol-2-yl) morpholines targeting human topoisomerase IIα : dynophore-derived discovery
Barbara Herlah, Matej Janežič, Iza Ogris, Simona Golič Grdadolnik, Katja Kološa, Sonja Žabkar, Bojana Žegura, Andrej Perdih, 2024, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: The molecular nanomachine, human DNA topoisomerase IIα, plays a crucial role in replication, transcription, and recombination by catalyzing topological changes in the DNA, rendering it an optimal target for cancer chemotherapy. Current clinical topoisomerase II poisons often cause secondary tumors as side effects due to the accumulation of double-strand breaks in the DNA, spurring the development of catalytic inhibitors. Here, we used a dynamic pharmacophore approach to develop catalytic inhibitors targeting the ATP binding site of human DNA topoisomerase IIα. Our screening of a library of nature-inspired compounds led to the discovery of a class of 3-(imidazol-2-yl) morpholines as potent catalytic inhibitors that bind to the ATPase domain. Further experimental and computational studies identified hit compound 17, which exhibited selectivity against the human DNA topoisomerase IIα versus human protein kinases, cytotoxicity against several human cancer cells, and did not induce DNA double-strand breaks, making it distinct from clinical topoisomerase II poisons. This study integrates an innovative natural product-inspired chemistry and successful implementation of a molecular design strategy that incorporates a dynamic component of ligand-target molecular recognition, with comprehensive experimental characterization leading to hit compounds with potential impact on the development of more efficient chemotherapies.
Ključne besede: topoisomerase II, catalytic inhibitors, chemotherapy, DNA damage, cancer
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 03.06.2024; Ogledov: 189; Prenosov: 69
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Subchronic exposure of rats to sublethal dose of microcystin-YR induces DNA damage in multiple organs
Metka Filipič, Bojana Žegura, Bojan Sedmak, Irena Horvat-Žnidaršič, Aleksandra Milutinović Živin, Dušan Šuput, 2007, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Background. Microcystins (MCs) are cyclic heptapeptides that are considered tobe liver specific toxins. They are potent tumour promoters and recent studies indicate that they are also genotoxic. In this study we measured DNA damage in lymphocytes, liver, kidney (cortex and medulla), lung, spleen and brain cells of male Fisher F344 rats that were exposed to sublethal dose (every second day 10 Ugžkg b.w.č i.p) of microeysrin-YR (MCYR) for one month. Methods. At the end of exposure the animals were sacrificed, the lymphocytes were isolated from blood taken from jugular vein, liver cells were obtained byperfusion with collagenase A and the cells from other organs were isolated by incubating small tissue pieces with eollagenase A. The DNA damage in isolated cells was measured with the single cells gel electrophoresis (SCGE) also called the comet assay. Results. A significant increase of the % tail DNAin MCYR-exposed animals compared to the nonexposed control ones was observed in brain (2.5 fold), liver (2.1 fold), kidney medulla (1.9 fold), kidney cortex (1.8 fold) and lung (1.7 fold) cells, while the DNA from lymphocytes and spleen cells was not affected. Conclusion. This study demonstrated that subehronic exposure to sublethal doses of MCs can induce systemicgenotoxicity in mammals, and it affects not only the liver but also other vital organs.
Ključne besede: DNA damage, comet assay, cyanobacteria, bacterial toxins, rats, inbred F344
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 20.02.2024; Ogledov: 232; Prenosov: 55
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Surveillance of the banks of reservoirs on the Drava River in Slovenia after extensive floods
Pavel Žvanut, 2022, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Povzetek: The Slovenian section of the Drava River is 133 km long, and over this distance it has a descent of 148 m. Eight HPPs are located on this section (six directly in the river course, whereas the other two in derivation channels of the river). Ten concrete gravity dams, with a structural height between 17 and 54 m, created eight reservoirs. In addition to their main use for electricity generation, reservoirs are also used for floods mitigation, irrigation, industrial water use and recreation. At the beginning of November 2012, extremely high flows of the Drava River, which exceeded 100-year flood, caused floods in the middle and lower reaches of the river. Extraordinary visual geotechnical inspections of the banks, in order to determine any instability of them, were carried out immediately after this event. Numerous landslides and landslips were identified, as well as damage to nearby buildings, but also damage and threat to transport infrastructure. Damaged banks of reservoirs and damaged infrastructure were instantly rehabilitated. In the future, it is necessary to perform regular and extraordinary surveillance of the banks of reservoirs, drawing attention to damage that needs immediate rehabilitation, thus preventing the occurrence of eventual disastrous consequences.
Ključne besede: concrete dams, Drava river, reservoirs, derivation channels, extreme events, extensive floods, extraordinary visual inspection, Formin HPP, levee breach, great damage
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 06.02.2024; Ogledov: 279; Prenosov: 106
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Structural health monitoring for performance assessment of bridges under flooding and seismic actions
Luke J. Prendergast, Maria P. Limongelli, Naida Ademovic, Andrej Anžlin, Gavin Kenneth, Mariano Zanini, 2018, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Bridges can be subjected to damaging environmental actions due to flooding and seismic hazards. Flood actions that result in scour are a leading cause of bridge failure, while seismic actions that induce lateral forces may lead to high ductility demand that exceeds pier capacity. When combined, seismic actions and scour can lead to effects that depend on the governing scour condition affecting a bridge. Loss of stiffness under scour can reduce the ductility capacity of a bridge but can also lead to an increase in flexibility that may reduce seismic inertial forces. Conversely, increased flexibility can lead to deck collapse due to support loss, so there exists some uncertainty about the combined effect of both phenomena. A necessary step towards the performance assessment of bridges under flooding and seismic actions is to calibrate numerical models that can reproduce structural responses under different actions. A further step is verifying the achievement of performance goals defined by codes. Structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques allow the computation of performance parameters that are useful for calibrating numerical models and performing direct checks of performance goal compliance. In this paper, various strategies employed to monitor bridge health against scour and seismic actions are discussed, with a particular focus on vibration-based damage identification methods.
Ključne besede: scour, seismic, damage, hazard, vibration-based methods
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 29.11.2023; Ogledov: 300; Prenosov: 143
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In situ consideration of resistance of bridge girder according to EC2 with AEM
Ana Brunčič, Andrej Štrukelj, Maja Kreslin, Andrej Anžlin, Aljoša Šajna, 2023, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Povzetek: The paper presents a case study of a considerably cracked and degraded bridge in Slovenia: with the implementation of in-situ measurements under bending and shear and the use of a non-destructive acoustic emission technique. Despite the existing crack system, the latter was able to detect microstructural changes. These were characterised by low values of average frequency (AF), as well as lower values of the rise time-amplitude ratio (RA), and energy. A correlation between shear capacity and acoustic activity was observed. This promises to expand the use of AE in the process of assessing of the load-bearing capacity of existing concrete structures.
Ključne besede: shear resistance, shear crack, crack width, acoustic emission (AE) parameters, bridge girder, stiffness, elasticity, damage evaluation
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 28.11.2023; Ogledov: 350; Prenosov: 146
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Using statistical analysis of an acceleration-based bridge weigh-in-motion system for damage detection
Eugene J. O'Brien, Muhammad Arslan Khan, Daniel Patrick McCrum, Aleš Žnidarič, 2020, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: This paper develops a novel method of bridge damage detection using statistical analysis of data from an acceleration-based bridge weigh-in-motion (BWIM) system. Bridge dynamic analysis using a vehicle-bridge interaction model is carried out to obtain bridge accelerations, and the BWIM concept is applied to infer the vehicle axle weights. A large volume of traffic data tends to remain consistent (e.g., most frequent gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3-axle trucks); therefore, the statistical properties of inferred vehicle weights are used to develop a bridge damage detection technique. Global change of bridge stiffness due to a change in the elastic modulus of concrete is used as a proxy of bridge damage. This approach has the advantage of overcoming the variability in acceleration signals due to the wide variety of source excitations/vehicles–data from a large number of different vehicles can be easily combined in the form of inferred vehicle weight. One year of experimental data from a short-span reinforced concrete bridge in Slovenia is used to assess the effectiveness of the new approach. Although the acceleration-based BWIM system is inaccurate for finding vehicle axle-weights, it is found to be effective in detecting damage using statistical analysis. It is shown through simulation as well as by experimental analysis that a significant change in the statistical properties of the inferred BWIM data results from changes in the bridge condition.
Ključne besede: bridge health monitoring, bridge WIM, structural dynamics, damage detection, vehicle-bridge interaction
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 12.09.2023; Ogledov: 431; Prenosov: 172
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First record of the northern spruce bark beetle, Ips duplicatus (Sahlberg, 1836), in Slovenia
Andreja Kavčič, Zina Devetak, Barbara Piškur, Eva Groznik, Maarten De Groot, 2023, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: The northern spruce bark beetle, Ips duplicatus (Sahlberg), has invaded Central Europe in the past century and continues to spread southwards and westwards. It has caused damage in some parts of Europe in recent decades and poses a serious threat to spruce forests across the continent. From 2018 to 2021, we conducted intensive monitoring to determine the status of I. duplicatus in Slovenia. We used different types of traps and pheromone lures that attract I. duplicatus beetles and took bark samples from bark beetle-infested trees. Of the 26 traps used during the four years of monitoring, I. duplicatus was found in 16 traps in the central part of Slovenia in 2020. Adult beetles were caught in traps containing both I. typographus and I. duplicatus lures. The identity of this species was confirmed using morphological keys and molecular methods. One to five I. duplicatus beetles were found per trap, totaling 25 specimens. However, we did not confirm any I. duplicatus in samples taken from trees in 2021. We conclude that I. duplicatus is present in Slovenia, but our results suggest that the species is only present locally and that the population is small.
Ključne besede: biological invasions, forest pests, temperate forests, conifers, damage, forest pest monitoring, confirmation
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 05.09.2023; Ogledov: 420; Prenosov: 193
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Phenological variability and resistance to late spring frost of common beech in the international provenance test in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić, Almedin Hebibović, Dalibor Ballian, 2021, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: The research aimed to determine the start, end and duration of leafing phases, the degree of plant damage caused by late spring frost, and the retention of leaves in autumn. The research was conducted in the international common beech provenance test in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The test contains eight provenances from Bosnia and Herzegovina, four from Germany, three from Serbia, two each from Croatia, Romania and Switzerland, and one from Hungary. Leafing phenology, canopy damage caused by late spring frost, and leaf retention were assessed in 2019. Most provenances started opening buds on 17 April 2019. Complete canopy damage affected the highest percentage of plants in provenance BW Bad Wildbad, Germany (68 %), and the lowest in provenance Konjuh Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina (3.2 %). Provenance Herzogenbuchsee from Switzerland had the highest percentage of winter leaf retention (37.5 % of plants). The results can be used in choosing provenances that are resistant to low temperatures in zones of late spring and early autumn frost.
Ključne besede: common beech, international provenance test, leafing phenophases, frost damage, winter leaf retention
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 01.12.2021; Ogledov: 3651; Prenosov: 1984
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Windstorm restoration efficiency using the Kidričevo windstorm (29 June, 2006) as a case study
Goran Paulinič, Janez Krč, 2008, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Economic efficiency is one of the many essential demands regarding the technical management of windstorms. The main goal of this paper is to analyze a hypothetical scenario in which a forest owner works independently on windstorm restoration, using his own equipment and work power. Managing windstorm damage is a difficult and dangerous task, although a potentially lucrative endeavour as our investigation shows. A windstorm represents an opportunity for instant profit for forest owners who are independent of regular forest income. Economic damage is greater and longer lasting for owners with large forest properties and for farm households, which depend on regular forest income. We compared two potential scenarios in a wind-damaged area within the 2000-2010 forestry management period. First, we include a hypothetical scenario in which the windstorm did not occur. An inventory of regular thinning as well as simulation of future events based on past dynamics was done. We also performed a second scenario in which we assumed that private owners carry out windstorm restoration alone, although in reality felling has been carried out with short-wood technology (mechanized cutting). The results section presents the possibilities to attain reasonably high yield by dealing with the consequences of a minor windstorm.
Ključne besede: cost analysis, production effects, scenarios, windstorm, storm damage, forest
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Ogledov: 4020; Prenosov: 1849
.pdf Celotno besedilo (624,35 KB)

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