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Iskalni niz: "ključne besede" (respiratorna filozofija) .

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International Conference Respiratory Philosophy: a Paradigm Shift : Portorož, 18-21 June 2023
2023, druge monografije in druga zaključena dela

Povzetek: Breathing is a rare theme in today’s institutionalized philosophy, and it is only in recent years that the philosophy of breathing as a new paradigm has begun to interest some thinkers. The pioneers of the field are Luce Irigaray (1983), David Kleinberg-Levin (1984), David Abram (1996) and Peter Sloterdijk (1998). It was only in the 2010s that explicit and systematic studies have been published on the philosophy of breathing. /// The respiratory philosophy as presented and articulated at this conference deals with our relationships with the atmospheres of breathing and air. “Breath” might seem like a peculiar project, or at the very least disconnected from the way in which most European philosophy has understood itself and its goals. But the “forgetting of air and breathing” (Irigaray, Abram) in the modern European philosophical discourse is in itself one of the deepest, unacknowledged tensions, shaping its unfortunate outlook on the world. A new respiratory philosophy has the double merit of decolonizing the philosophical curriculum through an inclusion of non-European sources and insights, and of revealing how such “breathing” is a fundamental (even if erased) element of its own history. The potential of such a paradigm shift – especially in collaboration with cross-cultural Atmospheric Studies from this conference on – will bear far-reaching consequences for the areas of ontology, ethics, poetics, politics, art theory and praxis, environmental humanities, spirituality and health/well-being – as fields being in the forefront of this new respiratory paradigm.
Ključne besede: respiratorna filozofija, zborniki
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 11.07.2023; Ogledov: 573; Prenosov: 176
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