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Iskalni niz: "ključne besede" (blended cements) .

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Corrosion performance of steel in blended cement pore solutions
Miha Hren, Tadeja Kosec, Andraž Legat, Violeta Bokan-Bosiljkov, 2019, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Blended cements might change the chemistry of the pore solution and subsequently affect the corrosion of steel in concrete. Pore solutions were extracted, analyzed and compared from mortars made of CEM I, CEM II, CEM III and CEM IV cements. Three combinations of carbonation and chloride states were studied, i.e., non-carbonated without chlorides, non-carbonated with chlorides and carbonated with chlorides. Different electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques were used to study the electrochemical properties, the type and the extent of the corrosion products, as well as the type and the extent of the corrosion damage. It was confirmed that the most corrosive environments were pore solutions extracted from the carbonated mortars with chlorides. In this environment the highest corrosion rate was observed for the CEM III pore solution, and the lowest for the CEM I. The extent and the type of corrosion products and the corrosion damage varied according to the environment.
Ključne besede: corrosion, blended cements, pore solution, mortar
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 14.09.2023; Ogledov: 133; Prenosov: 55
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Corrosion behavior of steel in pore solutions extracted from different blended cements
Miha Hren, Tadeja Kosec, Andraž Legat, 2020, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Mortar specimens made from four different types of cement, CEM I, CEM II, CEM III, and CEM IV, were prepared and pore solutions extracted. Three different types of exposure were studied: noncarbonated without chlorides, noncarbonated with chlorides, and carbonated with chlorides. Various electrochemical methods (linear polarization, potentiodynamic polarization measurements) were implemented to characterize the processes of corrosion on steel in these solutions. The type and extent of corrosion products were evaluated by means of various spectroscopic techniques. Specific differences in the type and extent of corrosion damage were determined and compared for each of the extracted pore solutions from the different blended cements. An attempt was made to classify these differences in comparison with the reference cement (CEM I) and in relation to the different types of exposure.
Ključne besede: corrosion, steel in pore water, blended cements, Raman Spectroscopy
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 22.08.2023; Ogledov: 134; Prenosov: 67
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Characterization of steel corrosion processes in various blended cements by means of coupled multi-electrode arrays
Miha Hren, Tadeja Kosec, Andraž Legat, 2023, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Supplementary cementitious materials can affect the porosity of concrete, pore solution pH and chloride binding, all of which influence the type and magnitude of corrosion damage. Advanced corrosion monitoring techniques are needed to follow the development of corrosion on steel embedded in concrete across space and over time. In this study, coupled multi-electrode arrays (CMEAs) were used to characterise corrosion processes in OPC and three blended cements. Cyclic wetting with chlorides was undertaken to initiate corrosion. The results showed three distinct types of corrosion: localised corrosion (CEM I), localised corrosion that expanded over time (CEM II), and a combination of localised and general corrosion (CEM III and CEM IV). Cathodic locations were also monitored successfully, and the corrosion behaviour was related to total porosity and pH of the pore solution. MicroCT was used to quantify the volume of corroded material, which agreed well with results calculated from the CMEA measurements.
Ključne besede: blended cements, coupled multi-electrode array, corrosion of steel in concrete, supplementary cementitious materials, open access
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 29.05.2023; Ogledov: 129; Prenosov: 112
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