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PyPore3D : an open source software tool for imaging data processing and analysis of porous and multiphase media
Amal Aboulhassan, Francesco Brun, George Kourousias, Gabriele Lanzafame, Marco Voltolini, Adriano Contillo, Lucia Mancini, 2022, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: In this work, we propose the software library PyPore3D, an open source solution for data processing of large 3D/4D tomographic data sets. PyPore3D is based on the Pore3D core library, developed thanks to the collaboration between Elettra Sincrotrone (Trieste) and the University of Trieste (Italy). The Pore3D core library is built with a distinction between the User Interface and the backend filtering, segmentation, morphological processing, skeletonisation and analysis functions. The current Pore3D version relies on the closed source IDL framework to call the backend functions and enables simple scripting procedures for streamlined data processing. PyPore3D addresses this limitation by proposing a full open source solution which provides Python wrappers to the the Pore3D C library functions. The PyPore3D library allows the users to fully use the Pore3D Core Library as an open source solution under Python and Jupyter Notebooks PyPore3D is both getting rid of all the intrinsic limitations of licensed platforms (e.g., closed source and export restrictions) and adding, when needed, the flexibility of being able to integrate scientific libraries available for Python (SciPy, TensorFlow, etc.).
Ključne besede: tomographic 3D/4D imaging data, image processing and analysis, open source software, Python
Objavljeno v DiRROS: 28.04.2023; Ogledov: 606; Prenosov: 220
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