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Breast cancer and breast health awareness as an evolving health promotion concept
Andrej Plesničar, Viljem Kovač, Božo Kralj, 2004, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: Background. Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant disease in the majority of developed countries. In the last few years the introduction of mammography screening programmes has resulted in an improved survival of breast cancer patients. However, the incidence of the disease in these countries is still on the increase. Present focus on secondary breast cancer prevention activities, consisting of early detection and treatment, cannot ensure a decrease of breast cancer incidence. Improved breast health awarenesscould therefore represent a part of specific health promotion activities aimed at decreasing the incidence of breast cancer. Conclusions. Indeveloped countries breast cancer is a significant health care issue. Secondary breast cancer prevention activities should therefore be complementedby specific health promotion activities in order to reduce its incidence in the future. Primary breast cancer prevention would include healthpromotion activities aimed at enhancement of the individual as well as collective breast health awareness. Properly enlightened members of the influential population groups could attain appropriate changes in the fields of legislation, taxation, customs and commercial regulations that would enablewomen to control their own breast health.
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Environment and breast cancer - the role of xenooestrogens in breast cancer
Andrej Plesničar, Branko Družina, Viljem Kovač, Božo Kralj, 2002, izvirni znanstveni članek

Povzetek: The survival rate of breast cancer patients has not changed much in the last few decades in developed countries. In order to improve the efficacy of breast cancer prevention and treatment, the role of xenooestrogens in the mechanisms of its development has been evaluated. These industrial chemical bear little structural resemblance to each other and bind to the oestrogen receptors of exposed cells and/or trigger oestrogenic responses in laboratory test systems. Exposure to xenooestrogens has been regarded as a risk factor for carcinogenesis and a preventable cause of breast carcinoma. Several epidemiological and experimental studies in in vivo and in vitro conditions of the influence of xenooestrogens on the occurrence of breast cancer have been conducted in the last decades and have shown ambiguous results. No increase of breast carcinoma incidence could be found in women who were exposed to relatively high concentrations of xenooestrogens for extended periods and small quantities of these compounds that are present in the environment probably cannot act as etiological agents for the occurence of this disease. A multi step approach is suggested regarding the sequence of studies and measures that should be taken to further assess the importance of xenooestrogens on breast cancer carcinogenesis.
Ključne besede: dojka, ksenoestrogeni, novotvorbe
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Zgodnja odkrivanja ginekološkega raka
Božo Kralj, 1995, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

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