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Effectiveness of adjuvant trastuzumab in daily clinical practice
Erika Matos, Branko Zakotnik, Cvetka Grašič-Kuhar, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Background. Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) positive breast cancer is an entity with aggressive behaviour. One year of adjuvant trastuzumab significantly improves the disease free survival in the range of 40-50% and reduces the risk of dying from HER2 positive breast cancer by one third. Adjuvant treatment with trastuzumab became available in Slovenia in 2005 and the aim of this study is to explore, if the exceptional results reported in adjuvant clinical trials are achieved also in daily clinical practice. Patients and methods. An analysis of tumour and patient characteristics, type of treatment and outcome (relapse free and overall survival) of 313 patients (median age 52 years) treated at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in years 2005-2009 was performed. Results. Median follow-up was 4.4 years. Sixty-one patients relapsed and 24 died. Three and four years relapse free survival was 84.2% and 80.8% and the overall survival was 94.4% and 92.5%, respectively. Independent prognostic factors for relapse were tumour grade (HR 2.10; 95% CI 1.07-4.14; p = 0.031) and nodal stage (HR 1.35; 1.16-1.56; p < 0.0001) and for the overall survival nodal stage only (HR 1.36; 1.05-1.78; p = 0.021). Conclusions. The outcome in patients with adjuvant trastuzumab in daily clinical practice, treated by medical oncologists, is comparable to results obtained in international adjuvant studies.
Keywords: breast cancer, trastuzumab, adjuvant, clinical practice
Published in DiRROS: 11.04.2024; Views: 97; Downloads: 16
.pdf Full text (549,44 KB)

Digital ischemic events related to gemcitabine : report of two cases and a systematic review
Cvetka Grašič-Kuhar, Tanja Mesti, Branko Zakotnik, 2010, original scientific article

Published in DiRROS: 15.03.2024; Views: 96; Downloads: 32
.pdf Full text (621,57 KB)

Preoperative concomitant chemoradiotherapy in esophageal cancer
Boštjan Šeruga, Mihael Sok, Janez Eržen, Jože Jerman, Boris Jančar, Branko Zakotnik, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: Background. Currently primary treatment options for esophageal cancer are surgery only or concomitant chemoradiotherapy (CRT) and the long-term survivalof patients with locally advanced disease is rare. Preoperative concomitant CRT seems to be beneficial, mostly in patients who achieve a complete pathologic response (pCR) after CRT. In this retrospective analysis the efficiency and toxicity of preoperative CRT in patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer was analysed as well as the influence of pCR on thesuraival. Patients and metkods From 1996 to 2002 41 patients with locoregionally confined esophageal cancerwere treated with cisplatin 75 mgžm2 and 5-FU 1000 mgžm2 as 4 day contonuous infusion starting on days 1. and 22. with concorrtitant radiotherapy 4500 cGy, 200-300 cGyžday. Esophagectomy followed 4-5 weeks after radiotherapy. After the surgery patients were followed-up regularly at 3-6 months intervals. Results. The pCR was achieved in 26.8% of patients. The overall median survival time was 18 months for all patients, 21.2 months for patients who achieved pCR and 16 months in those with residual disease (p= 0,79). Postoperative mortality rate was 22%. The median dose intensity for cisplatin was 92% and for 5-FU 71.5 of the planned dose. Disease recurred most often locoregionally (31.7%) and the overall recurrence rate was 43.9. Conclusion. Modern radiation techniques and the adequate dose intensity could further improve the locoregional control. The selection of patients without comorbid conditions and without already present distant metastases is essential for this combined treatment approach.
Published in DiRROS: 15.02.2024; Views: 123; Downloads: 33
.pdf Full text (123,83 KB)

Early glottic cancer : the influence of primary therapy on ultimate organ preservation
Hotimir Lešničar, Alojz Šmid, Branko Zakotnik, 1997, original scientific article

Published in DiRROS: 16.01.2024; Views: 154; Downloads: 36
.pdf Full text (215,84 KB)

Differential diagnosis between bone metastases and osteomalacia
Branko Zakotnik, Simona Borštnar, Tadeja Movrin, Boris Jančar, Andreja Zidar, 1996, original scientific article

Abstract: In oncology the diagnosis of skeletal metastases is a frequent one, in infact so frequent that other diagnoses such as metabolic bone diseases affecting patients with cancer may be overlooked. In our report two cases of osteomalacia referred to an oncologist are presented; in both of them the diagnosis of diffuse bone metastases of unknown origin was suspected. The differential diagnosis is discussed and the importance of bone marrow biopsy using Yamshidi needle for diagnosis of metabolic bone disease is emphasized.
Published in DiRROS: 16.01.2024; Views: 148; Downloads: 36
.pdf Full text (318,84 KB)

Prognostic value of staging laparotomy in supradiaphragmatic clinical stage I and II Hodgkin's disease
Marjeta Vovk, Tatjana Šumi-Križnik, Marija Jenko-Fidler, Gabrijela Petrič-Grabnar, Marinka Kremžar, Janez Novak, Mojca Senčar, Branko Zakotnik, Alenka Vodnik-Cerar, Branimir Jakšić, 1996, original scientific article

Abstract: In the period 1974-1989, 219 patients with supradiaphragmatic clinical stage I and II Hodgkin's disease were treated at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana; of these 95 (43%) patients underwent staging laparotomy. Of laparotomized patients, those with pathological stage III-IV, and of non-laparotomized, those with unfavorable prognostic factors (B-symptoms, bulky mediastinum) received chemotherapy: the remaining patients were treated by irradiation. No statistically significant difference in the survival and disease-free survival between laparotomized and nonlaparotomized patients could be found.
Published in DiRROS: 16.01.2024; Views: 158; Downloads: 44
.pdf Full text (364,35 KB)

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