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Title:Elektrokemoterapija melanoma
Authors:ID Serša, Gregor (Author)
ID Čemažar, Maja (Author)
ID Glumac, Nebojša (Author)
ID Snoj, Marko (Author)
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MD5: 32019C80DE751D4DF1DCFCD01ABA0D7A
Typology:1.09 - Published Professional Conference Contribution
Organization:Logo OI - Institute of Oncology
Abstract:Elektrokemoterapija je način zdravljenja raka, ki združuje uporabo standardnih kemoterapevtikov in aplikacijo električnih pulzov na območje tumorja. S tem se večkrat poveča učinkovitost bleomicina ali cisplatina samo na področju dovedenih električnih pulzov. Elektrokemoterapija je sedaj v Evropi uveljavljen način zdravljenja različnih kožnih tumorjev, predvsem pa se je uveljavila pri zdravljenju kožnih in podkožnih zasevkov melanoma. Njena učinkovitost je okrog 80 % objektivnih odgovorov in okrog 60 % popolnih odgovorov po enkratni terapiji, z možnostjo izboljšanja odgovora ob ponavljajoči se terapiji. Elektrokemoterapijo uporabljamo predvsem pri zdravljenju kožnih, podkožnih in tranzit zasevkov melanoma ter krvavečih tumorjev in zasevkov v predhodno tretiranih področjih.
Keywords:elektrokemoterapija, melanom, zdravljenje
Year of publishing:2013
Publication status in journal:Published
Article version:Publisher's version of article
Number of pages:str. 132-134, 157
Numbering:Letn. 17, št. 2
ISSN on article:1408-1741
COBISS.SI-ID:1697403 New window
Copyright:by Authors
Publication date in DiRROS:31.08.2018
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Title:Melanom : šola, Ljubljana, 2013
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Title:Onkologija : strokovni časopis za zdravnike
Shortened title:Onkologija
Publisher:Onkološki inštitut
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License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Description:This is the standard Creative Commons license that gives others maximum freedom to do what they want with the work as long as they credit the author.
Licensing start date:31.08.2018

Secondary language

Title:Electrochemotherapy of melanoma
Abstract:Electrochemotherapy is an anti-cancer treatment that combines the use of standard chemotherapeutics and application of electric pulses at the tumour site. This increases the effectiveness of bleomycin or cisplatin but only in the area of the delivered electric pulses. In Europe, electrochemotherapy is currently the established method for treating different skin tumours, and it is particularly effective in the treatment of skin and subcutaneous melanoma metastases. Its effectiveness is around 80% in terms of objective responses and around 60% in terms of complete responses after a single therapy, with the possibility of improving the response with ongoing therapy. Electrochemotherapy is used primarily in the treatment of skin, subcutaneous and transit melanoma metastases and bleeding tumours and metastases at previously treated sites.