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Title:Self-assembled structures composed of single polypeptide comprising at least three coiled-coil forming elements : patent
Authors:ID Jerala, Roman (Author)
ID Fekonja, Ota (Author)
ID Pohar, Jelka (Author)
ID Gradišar, Helena (Author)
ID Benčina, Mojca (Author)
ID Hafner Bratkovič, Iva (Author)
ID Bremšak, Robert (Author)
ID Miklavič, Špela (Author)
ID Jelerčič, Urška (Author)
ID Lukan, Anja (Author)
ID Doles, Tibor (Author)
ID Božič Abram, Sabina (Author)
ID Verce, Marko (Author)
ID Debeljak, Nika (Author)
ID Friedrich, Jožica (Author)
Files:URL URL - Presentation file, visit
Typology:2.24 - Patent
Organization:Logo KI - National Institute of Chemistry
Keywords:self assembled structures, polipeptide chain, nenostructures
Place of publishing:München
Place of performance:München
Publisher:World Intellectual Property Organization, International Bureau
Year of publishing:2014
Number of pages:45 str.
PID:20.500.12556/DiRROS-803 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:5666586 New window
Patent:EP2488546 (B1)
Note:Sodelavci: Ota Fekonja, Jelka Pohar, Helena Gradišar, Mojca Benčina, Iva Hafner Bratkovič, Robert Bremšak, Špela Miklavič, Urška Jelerčič, Anja Lukan, Tibor Doles, Sabina Božič, Marko Verce, Nika Debeljak, Jožefa Friedrich, WO2011046521 (A1), 2011-04-21 PCT/SI2009/000053, 2009-10-15 SI 23183 (A), 2011-04-29
Publication date in DiRROS:13.05.2015
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Keywords:analizna kemija, polipeptidne verige, samosestavljive strukture, obvite vijačnice