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Title:Skladnost "Zbornika gozdarstva in lesarstva" s standardi ISO za informatiko in dokumentalistiko
Authors:ID Božič, Maja (Author)
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MD5: 711D96BCDA1E8985D1D79EE6A3BB13BB
PID: 20.500.12556/dirros/63a573cb-e5d2-49d5-b0b9-64d919320047
Typology:1.04 - Professional Article
Organization:Logo SciVie - Slovenian Forestry Institute
Abstract:Prispevek predstavlja ISO standarde s področja informatike in dokumentacije ter ugotavlja njihovo uporabo v edini slovenski znanstveni reviji s področja gozdarstva, Zborniku gozdarstva in lesarstva, ISSN 0351-3114.
Keywords:mednarodni standardi, ISO, serijske publikacije, Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva
Publication status in journal:Published
Article version:Publisher's version of article
Year of publishing:2008
Number of pages:str. 65-71
Numbering:Vol. 86
PID:20.500.12556/DiRROS-7704 New window
ISSN on article:0351-3114
COBISS.SI-ID:2311590 New window
Publication date in DiRROS:12.07.2017
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva. forest and wood science & technology
Shortened title:Zb. gozd. lesar.
Publisher:Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije, Biotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za gozdarstvo in obnovljive gozdne vire, Biotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za lesarstvo
COBISS.SI-ID:6206978 New window

Secondary language

Title:Consistency of the journal "Research reports : forest and wood science & technology" with ISO standards for information and documentation
Abstract:The article presents ISO standards for information and documentation and their use in the only Slovenian scientific forestry journal, Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva = Research reports: forest and wood science & technology, ISSN 0351-3114.
Keywords:international standards, ISO, periodicals, Research reports: forest and wood science & technology


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