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Title:Določitev ploskev tretjega panela Nacionalne gozdne inventure za terenski popis gozd/druga gozdna zemljišča/negozd : predstavljeno na spletnem seminarju in delavnici Nacionalna Gozdna Inventura 2022 in Sklad za podnebne spremembe, 11. - 15. 4. 2022
Authors:ID Pintar, Anže Martin (Author)
ID Grah, Andrej (Author)
ID Skudnik, Mitja (Author)
Files:This document has no files. This document may have a physical copy in the library of the organization, check the status via COBISS. Link is opened in a new window
Typology:3.15 - Unpublished Conference Contribution
Organization:Logo SciVie - Slovenian Forestry Institute
Keywords:gozdovi, gozdarstvo, raba zemljišč, Nacionalna gozdna inventura, definicija gozda, negozd, druge gozdne površine
Year of publishing:2022
COBISS.SI-ID:104592387 New window
Note:Opis po programu in predstavitvi;
Publication date in DiRROS:12.04.2022
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