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Title:Maintaining everyday life praxis in the time of COVID-19 pandemic measures (ELP-COVID-19 survey)
Authors:Pišot, Saša (Author)
Milovanović, Ivana (Author)
Šimunič, Boštjan (Author)
Gentile, Ambra (Author)
Bosnar, Ksenja (Author)
Prot, Franjo (Author)
Bianco, Antonino (Author)
Lo Coco, Gianluca (Author)
Bartoluci, Sunčica (Author)
Katović, Darko (Author)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organisation:Logo ZRS Koper - Science and Research Centre Koper
Abstract:Background The extreme social circumstances caused by declared COVID-19 pandemic deeply intervene people's everyday life and should not be neglected but seen through the view of social reality pinpointing the "ordinary" people. In this paper, authors explored basic segments of everyday and their subjective perception to what extent sleeping habits, physical inactivity, physical activity, nutritional habits and smoking have changed. Methods The online survey was conducted in nine European countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Italy, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) in 4108 participants, aged 15-82 years. The survey took place 30 to 40 days after WHO declared COVID-19 pandemic state, from April 15th to May 3rd, 2020. Results The results have shown 30%minutes longer sleeping time, 50% longer physical inactivity time, 65% longer screen time, 43% shorter walking time, 24% shorter sport time and 37% longer physical work time. Additionally, body mass gains (0.3%kg) could be explained in 20.6% with meals sizes, unhealthy food consumption, screen time and sport time. Further, respondents reported more regular meals (44%) and healthier meals with less alcohol consumption and less smoking, which have been positive outcomes of home confinement. Conclusion The findings draw attention to negative changes in everyday praxis (inactivity, body mass gain) after such a short period. Because of possible risk to population's health (especially of countries such as Italy and Spain with serious threat and more stringent measures), findings enable development of recommendations for maintaining healthy lifestyle habits with minimal negative health consequences in similar pandemic circumstances.
Keywords:coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 pandemic measures, daily life praxis, physical activity, sleeping habits, eating habits, public health
Year of publishing:2020
COBISS_ID:26397187 Link is opened in a new window
ISSN on article:1101-1262
OceCobissID:14341593 Link is opened in a new window
DOI:10.1093/eurpub/ckaa157 Link is opened in a new window
Note:Soavtorji: Ivana Milovanović, Boštjan Šimunič, Ambra Gentile, Ksenija Bosnar, Franjo Prot, Antonino Bianco, Gianluca Lo Coco, Sunčica Bartoluci, Darko Katović, Peter Bakalár, Terézia Kovalik Slančová, Lenka Tlučáková, Cristina Casals, Kaltrina Feka, Aikaterini Christogianni, Patrik Drid;
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Journal:Eur. j. public health
Almqvist & Wiksell International
Rights: The Author(s) 2020.
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