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Prevalence of and factors associated with healthcare-associated infections in Slovenian acute care hospitals : results of the third national survey
Irena Klavs, Mojca Serdt, Aleš Korošec, Tatjana Lejko-Zupanc, Blaž Pečavar, 2019, original scientific article

Abstract: Introduction. In the third Slovenian national healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) prevalence survey, conducted within the European point prevalence survey of HAIs and antimicrobial use in acute care hospitals, we estimated the prevalence of all types of HAIs and identified factors associated with them. Methods. Patients were enrolled into a one-day cross-sectional study in November 2017. Descriptive analyses were performed to describe the characteristics of patients, their exposure to invasive procedures and the prevalence of different types of HAIs. Univariate and multivariate analyses of association of having at least one HAI with possible risk factors were performed to identify risk factors. Results. Among 5,743 patients, 4.4% had at least one HAI and an additional 2.2% were still treated for HAIs on the day of the survey, with a prevalence of HAIs of 6.6%. The prevalence of pneumoniae was the highest (1.8%), followed by surgical site infections (1.5%) and urinary tract infections (1.2%). Prevalence of blood stream infections was 0.3%. In intensive care units (ICUs), the prevalence of patients with at least one HAI was 30.6%. Factors associated with HAIs included central vascular catheter (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 4.1; 95% confidence intervals [CI]: 3.1–5.4), peripheral vascular catheter (aOR 3.0; 95% CI: 2.3–3.9), urinary catheter (aOR 1.8; 95% CI: 1.4–2.3). Conclusions. The prevalence of HAIs in Slovenian acute care hospitals in 2017 was substantial, especially in ICUs. HAIs prevention and control is an important public health priority. National surveillance of HAIs in ICUs should be developed to support evidence-based prevention and control.
Keywords: healthcare-associated infections, prevalence, survey, risk factors, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 16.10.2020; Views: 1168; Downloads: 493
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Navodila za poenotenje izvidov brisov materničnega vratu
Ana Pogačnik, Irena Srebotnik-Kirbiš, Alenka Repše-Fokter, Živa Pohar-Marinšek, Vivijana Snoj, Irena Kirar-Fazarinc, Maja Primic-Žakelj, 2005, dictionary, encyclopaedia, lexicon, manual, atlas, map

Keywords: bris, citopatologija
Published in DiRROS: 04.06.2020; Views: 1194; Downloads: 373
.pdf Full text (1,15 MB)

Citopatološka diagnostika raka dojk
Živa Pohar-Marinšek, 2016, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: citopatologija, rak dojke, diagnostične metode
Published in DiRROS: 20.05.2020; Views: 1136; Downloads: 352
.pdf Full text (48,44 KB)

Prve izkušnje s triažnim testom HPV v Sloveniji
Urška Ivanuš, Mario Poljak, Živa Pohar-Marinšek, Marjetka Uršič-Vrščaj, 2011, published professional conference contribution

Published in DiRROS: 07.04.2020; Views: 1157; Downloads: 348
.pdf Full text (186,58 KB)

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