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Tissue flossing around the thigh does not provide acute enhancement of neuromuscular function
Armin Paravlić, Jure Segula, Kristina Drole, Vedran Hadžić, Maja Pajek, Janez Vodičar, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: Nowadays, various methods are used for acute performance enhancement. The most recent of these is tissue flossing, which is becoming increasingly popular for both performance enhancement and rehabilitation. However, the effects of flossing on athletic performance have not been clearly demonstrated, which could be due to differences in the methodology used. In particular, the rest periods between the end of the preconditioning activity and the performance of the criterion task or assessment tools varied considerably in the published literature. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the effects of applying tissue flossing to the thigh on bilateral countermovement jump performance and contractile properties of vastus lateralis (VL) muscle. Nineteen recreational athletes (11 males; aged 23.1 ± 2.7 years) were randomly assigned to days of flossing application (3 sets for 2 min of flossing with 2 min rest between sets) with preset experimental pressure (EXP = 95 ± 17.4 mmHg) or control condition (CON = 18.9 ± 3.5 mmHg). The first part of the measurements was performed before and after warm-up consisting of 5 min of cycling followed by dynamic stretching and specific jumping exercises, while the second part consisted of six measurement points after flossing application (0.5, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 min). The warm-up improved muscle response time (VL = -5%), contraction time (VL = -3.6%) muscle stiffness (VL = 17.5%), contraction velocity (VL = 23.5%), jump height (13.9%) and average power (10.5%). On the contrary, sustain time, half-relaxation time and take-off velocity stayed unaltered. Flossing, however, showed negative effects for muscle response time (F = 18.547, p < 0.001), contraction time (F = 14.899, p < 0.001), muscle stiffness (F = 8.365, p < 0.001), contraction velocity (F = 11.180, p < 0.001), jump height (F = 14.888, p < 0.001) and average power (F = 13.488, p < 0.001), whereas sustain time, half-relaxation time and take-off velocity were unaffected until the end of the study protocol regardless of condition assigned and/or time points of the assessment. It was found that the warm-up routine potentiated neuromuscular function, whereas the flossing protocol used in the current study resulted in fatigue rather than potentiation. Therefore, future studies aimed to investigate the doseresponse relationship of different configurations of preconditioning activities on neuromuscular function are warranted.
Keywords: tensiomyography, countermovement jump, potentation, athletic performance, ischemic precoditioning, functional performance
Published in DiRROS: 03.05.2022; Views: 129; Downloads: 92
.pdf Full text (1,02 MB)
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New records and noteworthy data of plants, algae and fungi in SE Europe and adjacent regions, 7
Marko S. Sabovljević, Gordana Tomović, Predrag Lazarević, Maja Lazarević, Snežana Vukojičić, Snežana Vukojičić, Ivana Trbojević, Jovana Pantović, Simona Strgulc-Krajšek, Darja Kopitar, Uroš Buzurović, Sanja Z. Djurović, Lado Kutnar, Janez Kermavnar, Zbigniew Szeląg, Petya Boycheva, Dobri Ivanov, Milorad Veljković, Vladan Djordjević, Sorin Stefanut, Constantin-Ciprian Bîrsan, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: his paper presents new records and noteworthy data on the following taxa in SE Europe and adjacent regions: stonewort Chara intermedia, liverworts Fossombronia wondraczekii and Pseudomoerckia blyttii, mosses Hamatocaulis vernicosus and Hookeria lucens, monocots Gladiolus palustris, Neotinea tridentata, and Orchis militaris and dicots Cardamine serbica, Cardamine waldsteinii, Hieracium kotschyanum and Pilosella petraea are given within SE Europe and adjacent regions.
Keywords: new report, Cardamine serbica, Cardamine waldsteinii, Chara intermedia, Gladiolus palustris, Fossombronia wondraczekii, Hamatocaulis vernicosus, Hieracium kotschyanum, Hookeria lucens, Neotinea tridentata, Orchis militaris, Pilosella petraea, Pseudomoerckia blyttii, SE Europe
Published in DiRROS: 20.04.2022; Views: 112; Downloads: 92
.pdf Full text (176,40 KB)
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Radiobiološki učinki visokih doz ionizirajočega sevanja
Maja Čemažar, 2020, published professional conference contribution

Keywords: stereotaktično obsevanje, ionizirano sevanje, obsevalne tehnike
Published in DiRROS: 13.04.2022; Views: 93; Downloads: 56
.pdf Full text (326,98 KB)

Genska imunoterapija pri bazalno celičnem karcinomu: klinična študija faze I : Elektronski vir
Maja Čemažar, Gregor Serša, 2022, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: melanom, rak kože, elektrokemoterapija
Published in DiRROS: 11.04.2022; Views: 77; Downloads: 44
.pdf Full text (399,94 KB)

Elektrokemoterapija : Elektronski vir
Gregor Serša, Maja Čemažar, 2022, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: melanom, rak kože, elektrokemoterapija
Published in DiRROS: 11.04.2022; Views: 70; Downloads: 52
.pdf Full text (402,60 KB)

Priprava in testiranje tumorske vakcine z obsevanjem
Tinkara Remic, Gregor Serša, Maja Čemažar, Katja Uršič Valentinuzzi, Kristina Levpušček, Urška Kamenšek, 2021, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: genski elektroprenos, obsevanje, tumorska vakcina
Published in DiRROS: 01.04.2022; Views: 162; Downloads: 69
.pdf Full text (89,56 KB)

Translacijski pristopi kombinacije obsevanja z gensko terapijo ali elektrokemoterapijo
Maja Čemažar, 2021, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: genska terapija, elektrokemoterapija, obsevanje
Published in DiRROS: 01.04.2022; Views: 105; Downloads: 55
.pdf Full text (90,60 KB)

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