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Political and socio-economic limits to counteract the bark beetle calamity in South Tyrol
Christian Hoffmann, 2023, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: small-scale forest owners, natural disturbances, bark beetle, diverging interests, forest-based value chain, forest policy
Published in DiRROS: 06.10.2023; Views: 300; Downloads: 116
.pdf Full text (74,03 KB)

Forest commons responded efficiently - do we understand why?
Nevenka Bogataj, Janez Krč, 2023, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: harvesting, natural disturbances, climate change effects, forest management, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 06.10.2023; Views: 223; Downloads: 84
.pdf Full text (116,68 KB)

The influence of abiotic and biotic disturbances on the protective effect of alpine forests against avalanches and rockfalls
Domen Oven, Barbara Žabota, Milan Kobal, 2020, review article

Abstract: Abiotic and biotic disturbances in alpine forests can reduce forest cover or change the structure of the forest and consequently reduce the protective effect of forest against natural hazards such as avalanches and rockfalls. In this review article, the effect of the main abiotic (forest fire, windthrow, ice break, snow break, avalanche and rockfall) and biotic (insects and pathogens) disturbances in protection forests are presented along with their potential influence on the protective effect of forest against avalanches and rockfalls. In general, natural disturbances negatively affect the protective effect of forest, especially in the case of large-scale and severe events, which in alpine areas are mostly caused by storms, bark beetle outbreaks, avalanches and forest fires. Climate change induced interactions between disturbances are expected to present challenges in the management of protection forests in the future.
Keywords: natural disturbances, natural hazards, abiotic disturbances, biotic disturbances, protection forests, protective effect, stand parameters, rockfall, avalanche
Published in DiRROS: 01.04.2020; Views: 4188; Downloads: 3264
.pdf Full text (893,89 KB)

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