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Sedimentological and paleontological analysis of the Lower Jurassic part of the Zatrnik Formation on the Pokljuka plateau, Slovenia
Anja Vidervol, Boštjan Rožič, Duje Kukoč, Luka Gale

Abstract: The uppermost Ladinian to Lower Jurassic Zatrnik Formation is the lithostratigraphic unit of the Mesozoic deeper marine Bled Basin. The uppermost part of the Zatrnik Formation and the transition into the overlying Ribnica Breccia was logged at the Zajamniki mountain pasture on the Pokljuka mountain plateau in the Julian Alps. The lowermost part the section belongs to the “classical” Zatrnik Formation and is dominated by beige micritic limestone and fine-grained calcarenite. Foraminifers Siphovalvulina, ?Everticyclammina, ?Mesoendothyra and ?Pseudopfenderina are present, indicating Early Jurassic age. The beige limestone is followed by light pink limestone of the uppermost Zatrnik Formation. Slumps are common in this interval, and crinoids are abundant. Alongside some species already present in beds lower in the succession, Meandrovoluta asiagoensis Fugagnoli & Rettori, Trocholina sp., Valvulinidae, small Textulariidae, Lagenida, and small ?Ophthalmidium alsooccur in this interval. Resedimented limestone predominates through the studied part of the Zatrnik Formation, indicating deposition on the slope or at the foot of the slope of the basin. The switch to crinoid-rich facies within the slumped interval of the Zatrnik Formation may reflect accelerated subsidence of the margins of the Julian Carbonate Platform in the Pliensbachian. The Zatrnik Formation is followed by the formation of the Pliensbachian (?) Ribnica Breccia. Impregnations of ferromanganese oxides, violet colour, and an increase in clay content are characteristic. The foraminiferal assemblage consists of Lenticulina, small elongated Lagenida, and epistominids. Individual beds of the Ribnica Breccia were deposited via debris flows. Enrichments in ferromanganese oxides point to slower sedimentation.
Keywords: Lower Jurassic, Bled Basin, Pokljuka Nappe, stratigraphy, foraminifer, Hierlatz facies, Ribnica Breccia, Zajamniki
DiRROS - Published: 09.03.2022; Views: 121; Downloads: 47
.pdf Fulltext (11,45 MB)

Kompleksna raziskovanja smrekovih sestojev na Pokljuki v letih 1948-1957
Vladimir Tregubov, 1958

Keywords: smrekovi gozdovi, Pokljuka, raziskovanje
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 2123; Downloads: 582
.pdf Fulltext (32,59 MB)

Gospodarska zrelost smrekovih sestojev na Pokljuki
Martin Čokl, 1966

Keywords: smreka, Picea abies, Pokljuka, gospodarski pomen
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 2305; Downloads: 618
.pdf Fulltext (13,56 MB)

Rezultati gnojilnega poskusa v smrekovem sestoju na Pokljuki
Janko Kalan, 1980

Keywords: smrekovi sestoji, gnojenje, raziskovanje, Pokljuka, gozdovi
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 2162; Downloads: 580
.pdf Fulltext (2,42 MB)

Dinamika razvoja smrekovih sestojev na Pokljuki
Martin Čokl, 1981

Keywords: gozdovi, smrekovi gozdovi, smrekovi sestoji, Pokljuka, dinamika razvoja
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 2031; Downloads: 540
.pdf Fulltext (1,30 MB)

Raziskovalne ploskve na Pokljuki po meritvah v letih 1959/60
Martin Čokl, 1961

Keywords: gozdarstvo, raziskovanje, raziskovalne ploskve, Pokljuka
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 1942; Downloads: 541
.pdf Fulltext (1,79 MB)

Gozdne združbe in rastiščnogojitveni tipi v G.E. Pokljuka
Lojze Čampa, 1986

Keywords: gozdne združbe, Pokljuka
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 1948; Downloads: 520
.pdf Fulltext (28,49 MB)

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