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Local site conditions reduce interspecific differences in climate sensitivity between native and non-native pines
Marcin Miroslav Klisz, Radosław Puchałka, Marcin Jakubowski, M. Koprowski, Maksym Netsvetov, Yulia Prokopuk, Jernej Jevšenak, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Two European pine species, Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra, are experiencing dieback as a result of the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events. Recent species distribution models predicted shrinkage of ecological niches in the near future and shifted their habitat range towards the northeast. Consequently, P. sylvestris may contract its range and P. nigra may expand in Central Europe. To test whether native pine species have an advantage over introduced pine species in acclimation to a novel climate in Central Europe, we investigated the climate sensitivity and vitality of P. sylvestris, P. nigra and P. rigida. We sampled mature stands of each pine species at three sites in Central Europe, for which we determined climate–growth relationships: temporal stability of temperature and precipitation correlations with tree-ring width and resilience indices. Based on remote sensing data, we assessed differences in surface reflectance and photosynthetic activity obtained from the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI). Our analyses revealed that the climate sensitivity and surface reflectance of pines are not due to their nativeness in Central Europe but better explained by local site conditions. The specificity and variability of drought events may determine both the homogeneous and diverse susceptibility of species to a negative water balance. Therefore, the character of future climatic extremes seems to be the key to understanding the acclimation of native and non-native pine species in Central Europe. Because our study do not provide evidence of the superiority of non-native pine species over P. sylvestris, and the potential impacts of introduced species on local habitats seem poorly understood in the face of climate change, we urge particular caution in introducing species with unrecognized invasive potential.
Keywords: Pinus sylvestris, Pinus nigra, Pinus rigida, acclimation, climate sensitivity, drought resilience
Published in DiRROS: 18.09.2023; Views: 192; Downloads: 34
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Biokemijske analize (API ZYM testi) dominantnih parazitskih in saprofitskih gliv črnega bora (Pinus nigra Arn.)
Maja Jurc, Nada Gogala, 1996, original scientific article

Abstract: Prispevek obravnava uporabo nekaterih biokemijskih analiz (API ZYM testov) pri pojasnjevanju vloge petih dominantnih endofitnih gliv (Cyclaneusma niveum (Pers.:Fr.) DiCosmo, Perdo & Minter, Cenangium ferruginosum Fr., Phialophora hoffmannii (Beyma) Schol-Schwarz, Cyclaneusma minus (Butin) DiCosmo, Perdo & Minter ter Hormonema dematioides Lagerberg & Melin), izoliranih iz iglic črnega bora. Ugotovljena je podobnost intracelularne in ekstarcelularne encimske aktivnosti analiziranih gliv. Pri vseh glivah je ugotovljena lipolitska aktivnost. Biokemijske analize podgobja lahko le delno nakažejo, v katero prehranjevalno skupino uvrščamo glivo (parazit, šibek parazit, saprofit)
Keywords: endofitne glive, črni bor, Pinus nigra Arn., encimi, latentna okužba, patogenost
Published in DiRROS: 23.08.2023; Views: 149; Downloads: 44
.pdf Full text (1,65 MB)

Podatki in strokovno mnenje k poročilu o preskusu št.: LVG 2023-022
Nikica Ogris, 2023, expertise, arbitration decision

Keywords: varstvo gozdov, morfološke analize, rdeči bor, Pinus sylvestris, črni bor, Pinus nigra, rak, rakasta razjeda
Published in DiRROS: 10.05.2023; Views: 191; Downloads: 0

Poročilo o preskusu št.: LVG 2022-220 : vzorec št. 2022/00712
Andreja Kavčič, 2022, expertise, arbitration decision

Keywords: varstvo gozdov, morfološke analize, Pinus nigra, žuželke, ličinke, Monochamus sp., črni bor
Published in DiRROS: 16.12.2022; Views: 258; Downloads: 73
.pdf Full text (1,16 MB)

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