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Insight into chemical recycling of flexible polyurethane foams by acidolysis
Maja Grdadolnik, Ana Drinčić, Ana Oreški, Özgün Can Önder, Petra Utroša, David Pahovnik, Ema Žagar, 2022, original scientific article

Published in DiRROS: 19.01.2022; Views: 569; Downloads: 482
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Chemical recycling of aliphatic polyamides by microwave-assisted hydrolysis for efficient monomer recovery
Urška Češarek, David Pahovnik, Ema Žagar, 2020, original scientific article

Published in DiRROS: 26.11.2020; Views: 1300; Downloads: 802
.pdf Full text (1,88 MB)
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Post-polymerization modification of poly(L-glutamic acid) with d-(+)-glucosamine
Peter Perdih, Sašo Čebašek, Alenka Možir, Ema Žagar, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Carboxyl functional groups of poly(L-glutamic acid) (PGlu) were modified with a D-(+)-glucosamine (GlcN) by amidation using 4-(4,6-dimethoxy-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-4- methylmorpholinium chloride (DMTMM) as a coupling reagent. The coupling reaction was performed in aqueous medium without protection of hydroxyl functional groups of D-(+)-glucosamine. Poly(L-glutamic acid) and GlcN functionalized polyglutamates (P(Glu-GlcN)) were thoroughly characterized by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy and SEC-MALS to gain detailed information on their structure, composition and molar mass characteristics. The results reveal successful functionalization with GlcN through the amide bond and also to a minor extent through ester bond formation in position 1 of GlcN. In addition, a ratio between the α- and β-form of glucosamine substituent coupled to polyglutamate repeating units as well as the content of residual dimethoxy triazinyl active ester moiety in the samples were evaluated.
Keywords: poly(L-glutamic acid), glucosamine, glycopolypeptide
Published in DiRROS: 16.12.2014; Views: 4134; Downloads: 827
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