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Chloroplast redox state changes mark cell-to-cell signaling in the hypersensitive response
Tjaša Lukan, Anže Županič, Tjaša Mahkovec Povalej, Jacob O. Brunkard, Mirjam Kmetič, Mojca Juteršek, Špela Baebler, Kristina Gruden, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most commonly used substances in the manufacture ofvarious everyday products. Growing concerns about its hazardous properties, including endocrinedisruption and genotoxicity, have led to its gradual replacement by presumably safer analogues inmanufacturing plastics. The widespread use of BPA and, more recently, its analogues has increasedtheir residues in the environment. However, our knowledge of their toxicological profiles is limitedand their combined effects are unknown. In the present study, we investigated the toxic effectscaused by single bisphenols and by the combined exposure of BPA and its two analogues, BPAP andBPC, after short (24-h) and prolonged (96-h) exposure in HepG2 spheroids. The results showed thatBPA did not reduce cell viability in HepG2 spheroids after 24-h exposure. In contrast, BPAP andBPC affected cell viability in HepG2 spheroids. Both binary mixtures (BPA/BPAP and BPA/BPC)decreased cell viability in a dose-dependent manner, but the significant difference was only observedfor the combination of BPA/BPC (both at 40μM). After 96-h exposure, none of the BPs studiedaffected cell viability in HepG2 spheroids. Only the combination of BPA/BPAP decreased cellviability in a dose-dependent manner that was significant for the combination of 4μM BPA and 4μMBPAP. None of the BPs and their binary mixtures studied affected the surface area and growth ofspheroids as measured by planimetry. In addition, all BPs and their binary mixtures studied triggeredoxidative stress, as measured by the production of reactive oxygen species and malondialdehyde,at both exposure times. Overall, the results suggest that it is important to study the effects of BPsas single compounds. It is even more important to study the effects of combined exposures, as thecombined effects may differ from those induced by single compounds.
Keywords: chloroplast redox state, hypersensitive response (HR)-conferred resistance, immune signaling, live cell imaging, Solanum tuberosum (potato), spatiotemporal analysis, stromules, virus resistance
Published in DiRROS: 13.04.2023; Views: 321; Downloads: 108
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Development of novel 3D in vitro cell models for genotoxicity assessment : doctoral dissertation
Martina Štampar, 2021, doctoral dissertation

Published in DiRROS: 17.02.2021; Views: 1849; Downloads: 464
.pdf Full text (43,12 MB)

Roles of small RNAs in the establishment of tolerant interaction between plants and viruses
Maja Križnik, Špela Baebler, Kristina Gruden, 2020, review article

Published in DiRROS: 10.08.2020; Views: 2084; Downloads: 749
.pdf Full text (287,02 KB)

7th Slovenian Symposium on Plant Biology with International Participation, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, September 17-18, 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018, other monographs and other completed works

Abstract: Publikacija je zbirka povzetkov predavanj in posterskih predstavitev v okviru simpozija
Keywords: rastline, sistemska biologija, molekularna biologija, rastlinska ekologija, interakcije, rastlinska biotehnologija, zborniki, povzetki, elektronske knjige
Published in DiRROS: 25.09.2018; Views: 4786; Downloads: 1836
.pdf Full text (2,33 MB)
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