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Integrating geological data in Europe to foster multidisciplinary research
Marc Urvois, Sylvain Grellet, Henning Lorenz, Rainer Haener, Christelle Loiselet, Matthew Harrison, Matija Krivic, Christian Brogaard Pedersen, Marianne B. Wiese, Amelia Baptie, Martin Nayembil, James Trench, Ivor Marsh, Carlo Cipolloni, Chiara d'Ambrogi, Maria Pia Congi, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents novel data discovery and integration, facilitated using borehole logging information with on-demand web services to produce 3D geological structures. This domain interoperability across EPOS was created for the purpose of research, but it is also highly relevant for the response to societal grand challenges such as natural hazards and climate change. European and international interoperability implementation frameworks are well described and used (e.g., INSPIRE, ISO, OGC, and IUGS/CGI). It can be difficult for data providers to deploy web services that support the full semantic data definition (e.g., OGC Complex Feature) to expose several millions of geological entities through web-enabled data portals as required by pan-European projects.
Keywords: EPOS, geological information, borehole, FAIR, linked data
Published in DiRROS: 19.07.2023; Views: 211; Downloads: 68
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FAIR : načela za raziskovalne podatke
Mitja Vovk Iskrić, 2021, other monographs and other completed works

Keywords: znanstveno raziskovanje, raziskovalni podatki, načela FAIR, usmeritve
Published in DiRROS: 28.09.2021; Views: 763; Downloads: 406
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Priporočila za vključevanje raziskovalcev v procese upravljanja z raziskovalnimi podatki
Miro Pušnik, 2021, other monographs and other completed works

Keywords: znanstveno raziskovanje, raziskovalni podatki, upravljanje, načela FAIR
Published in DiRROS: 28.09.2021; Views: 1091; Downloads: 607
.pdf Full text (711,90 KB)
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Od začetkov načel FAIR do orodij in pristopov ocenjevanja primernosti podatkov za uporabo
Maja Dolinar, 2021, professional article

Keywords: načela FAIR, zgodovinski razvoj, orodja ocenjevanja
Published in DiRROS: 07.04.2021; Views: 1645; Downloads: 614
.pdf Full text (685,47 KB)

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