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Growing stock monitoring by European National Forest Inventories : historical origins, current methods and harmonisation
Thomas Gschwantner, Iciar Alberdi, Sébastien Bauwens, Susann Bender, Dragan Borota, Michal Bošela, Olivier Bouriaud, Johannes Breidenbach, Janis Donis, Christoph Fischer, Mitja Skudnik, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: Wood resources have been essential for human welfare throughout history. Also nowadays, the volume of growing stock (GS) is considered one of the most important forest attributes monitored by National Forest Inventories (NFIs) to inform policy decisions and forest management planning. The origins of forest inventories closely relate to times of early wood shortage in Europe causing the need to explore and plan the utilisation of GS in the catchment areas of mines, saltworks and settlements. Over time, forest surveys became more detailed and their scope turned to larger areas, although they were still conceived as stand-wise inventories. In the 1920s, the first sample-based NFIs were introduced in the northern European countries. Since the earliest beginnings, GS monitoring approaches have considerably evolved. Current NFI methods differ due to country-specific conditions, inventory traditions, and information needs. Consequently, GS estimates were lacking international comparability and were therefore subject to recent harmonisation efforts to meet the increasing demand for consistent forest resource information at European level. As primary large-area monitoring programmes in most European countries, NFIs assess a multitude of variables, describing various aspects of sustainable forest management, including for example wood supply, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity. Many of these contemporary subject matters involve considerations about GS and its changes, at different geographic levels and time frames from past to future developments according to scenario simulations. Due to its historical, continued and currently increasing importance, we provide an up-to-date review focussing on large-area GS monitoring where we i) describe the origins and historical development of European NFIs, ii) address the terminology and present GS definitions of NFIs, iii) summarise the current methods of 23 European NFIs including sampling methods, tree measurements, volume models, estimators, uncertainty components, and the use of air- and space-borne data sources, iv) present the recent progress in NFI harmonisation in Europe, and v) provide an outlook under changing climate and forest-based bioeconomy objectives.
Keywords: forest history, natural resources, sustainability, timber volume, sampling, remote sensing, bioeconomy, climate change
Published in DiRROS: 14.12.2021; Views: 294; Downloads: 162
.pdf Full text (17,73 MB)
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Stabilni izotopi v gozdnem ekosistemu - analizne metode in uporaba
Saša Zavadlav, Grega E. Voglar, Polona Hafner, Mitja Ferlan, Tom Levanič, 2016, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: stabilni izotopi, masna spektrometrija, laserska absorpcijska spektroskopija, EA-IRMS, OA-ICOS
Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 323; Downloads: 115
.pdf Full text (1,29 MB)

Xylem sap flow and radial growth in Quercus pubescens Willd. from abandoned grasslands in Slovenian Karst region
Martina Lavrič, Klemen Eler, Mitja Ferlan, Dominik Vodnik, Jožica Gričar, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 300; Downloads: 102
.pdf Full text (1,05 MB)

Measuring isotopic composition of carbon dioxide in the air
Mitja Ferlan, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 285; Downloads: 85
.pdf Full text (1,05 MB)

Environmental signals in Quercus robur L. tree-ring widths and [delta]13C
Polona Hafner, Jožica Gričar, Mitja Skudnik, Tom Levanič, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 219; Downloads: 88
.pdf Full text (1,05 MB)

Succession induced changes in ecosystem functioning with emphasis on carbon and water exchange
Klemen Eler, Mitja Ferlan, Giorgio Alberti, Alessandro Peresotti, Primož Simončič, Dominik Vodnik, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 324; Downloads: 112
.pdf Full text (1,05 MB)

Utrinek o gozdarstvu in lesarstvu nekoč
Mitja Zupančič, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: zgodovina gozdov, gozdarstvo, Slovenija, lesarstvo
Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 288; Downloads: 77
.pdf Full text (4,69 MB)

Mitja Zupančič, 2015, preface, afterword

Keywords: znanost, nacionalni interes, gozdarstvo, lesarstvo
Published in DiRROS: 03.11.2021; Views: 246; Downloads: 83
.pdf Full text (4,69 MB)

Aktivni lastniki gozdov in njihov prispevek k prehodu v brezogljično družbo
Mitja Skudnik, Polona Hafner, 2021, preface, afterword

Published in DiRROS: 26.10.2021; Views: 332; Downloads: 117
.pdf Full text (423,00 KB)

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