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Posebno preizkušanje in vzgoja novih sort sadnih rastlin v letu 2013
Boštjan Godec, Metka Hudina, Valentina Usenik, Anita Solar, Viljanka Vesel, Matej Stopar, Darinka Koron, Biserka Donik Purgaj, 2014, dictionary, encyclopaedia, lexicon, manual, atlas, map

Keywords: sadjarstvo, Slovenija
Published in DiRROS: 11.07.2017; Views: 4080; Downloads: 664
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The hazard assessment of nanostructured CeO [sub] 2-based mixed oxides on the zebrafish Danio rerio under environmentally relevant UV-A exposure
Anita Jemec, Petar Djinović, Ilja Gasan Osojnik Črnivec, Albin Pintar, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: The effect of nanomaterials on biota under realistic environmental conditions is an important question. However, there is still a lack of knowledge on how different illumination conditions alter the toxicity of some photocatalytic nanomaterials. We have investigated how environmentally relevant UV-A exposure (intensity 8.50 ± 0.61 W/m2, exposure dose 9.0 J/cm2) affected the toxicity of cerium oxide (CeO2)-based nanostructured materials to the early-life stages of zebrafish Danio rerio. Pure cerium oxide (CeO2), copper–cerium (CuO–CeO2) (with a nominal 10, 15 and 20 mol.% CuO content), cerium–zirconium (CeO2–ZrO2) and nickel and cobalt (Ni–Co) deposited over CeO2–ZrO2 were tested. It was found that under both illumination regimes, none of the tested materials affected the normal development or induced mortality of zebrafish early-life stages up to 100 mg/L. Only in the case of CuO–CeO2, the growth of larvae was decreased (96 h LOEC values for CuCe10, CuCe15 and CuCe20 were 50, 50 and 10 mg/L, respectively). To conclude, CeO2-based nanostructured materials are not severely toxic to zebrafish and environmentally relevant UV-A exposure does not enhance their toxicity.
Keywords: Nickel cobalt nanocrystalline catalysts, UV-A phototoxicity, UV-shielding, zebrafish
Published in DiRROS: 16.12.2014; Views: 8591; Downloads: 428
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