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Proteases and cytokines as mediators of interactions between cancer and stromal cells in tumours
Barbara Breznik, Tamara Lah Turnšek, Helena Motaln

Abstract: Proteolytic enzymes are highly relevant in different processes of cancer progression. Their interplay with other signalling molecules such as cytokines represents important regulation of multicellular cross-talk. In this review, we discuss protease regulation mechanisms of cytokine signalling in various types of cancer. Additionally, we highlight the reverse whereby cytokines have an impact on protease expression in an autocrine and paracrine manner, representing complex feedback mechanisms among multiple members of these two protein families. The relevance of the protease-cytokine axis is illustrated in glioblastoma, where interactions between normal mesenchymal stem cells and cancer cells play an important role in this very malignant form of brain cancer.
Keywords: cellular cross-talk, glioblastoma, invasion, mesenchymal stem cells, protease-cytokine signalling
DiRROS - Published: 08.09.2017; Views: 2957; Downloads: 924
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New records of the golden jackal (Canis aureus L.) in the upper Soča valley, Slovenia
Miha Mihelič, Miha Krofel, 2012

Keywords: golden jackal, photo-trapping, acoustic method, monitoring
DiRROS - Published: 11.07.2017; Views: 3140; Downloads: 935
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Rakunasti pes ali enok (Nyctereutes procyonoides) na Krimu (osrednja Slovenija) - drugi podatek za Slovenijo
Al Vrezec, 2007

Keywords: zoologija, rakunasti pes, Krim, zoogeografija
DiRROS - Published: 11.07.2017; Views: 3546; Downloads: 914
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A contribution to the Slovenian spider fauna
Rok Kostanjšek, Alenka Gorjan, 2013

DiRROS - Published: 11.07.2017; Views: 2485; Downloads: 725
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Dravsko polje - another observation of the raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides (Gray, 1834) in Slovenia
Nino Kirbiš, 2013

DiRROS - Published: 11.07.2017; Views: 2511; Downloads: 628
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