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Stability and toxicity of selected chlorinated benzophenone-type UV filters in waters
Romina Žabar, Darko Dolenc, Polonca Trebše, Tatjana Tišler, Gorica Grbović, Jun Yao, Rensheng Zhuang, 2013

Abstract: Stability and toxicity of selected chlorinated benzophenone-type UV filters in waters
Keywords: UV filter, photostability, chlorination, toxicity, Vibrio fischeri
DiRROS - Published: 16.03.2016; Views: 2606; Downloads: 248
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Effect of synthesis route of mesoporous zirconia based Ni catalysts on coke minimization in conversion of biogas to synthesis gas
Albin Pintar, Petar Djinović, Timur Doğu, Gülşen Doğu, Nail Yaşyerli, Sena Yaşyerli, Hande Mustu, 2015

Abstract: Mesoporous zirconia and nickel incorporated zirconia catalysts were prepared following different routes. Synthesis of mesoporous zirconia and Ni incorporated zirconia with very narrow pore size distributions and high surface area was achieved. Ni incorporated mesoporous zirconia materials showed high activity in carbon dioxide reforming of methane, performed at 600 °C. Coke formation during dry reforming was eliminated over the Ni incorporated zirconia catalyst prepared by the one-pot procedure, using Pluronic P123 as the surfactant. It was shown that Ni was very well distributed within this material with cluster sizes smaller than the detection limit of XRD. This catalyst also showed highly stable catalytic performance. However, the catalysts prepared by the impregnation method showed higher activity but much higher coke formation than the catalyst prepared by the one-pot route.
Keywords: Biogas, syngas, dry reforming, mesoporous zirconia, coke
DiRROS - Published: 12.02.2015; Views: 3661; Downloads: 418
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