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Building of the Al-Containing secondary raw materials registry for the production of low CO2 mineral binders in South-Eastern European region
Sabina Kramar, Katarina Šter, Lea Žibret, Klemen Teran, Gorazd Žibret, 2021

Povzetek: The bottleneck in the process for increasing production of low CO2 mineral binders, based on BCSA (belite sulfoaluminate) clinkers, is the availability of Al-rich raw materials. For that purpose, a new registry of Al-containing secondary mineral residues (industrial and mine waste) has been developed and is presented in this paper. The methodology of creating the registry consists of three main steps: Gathering ideas, consolidation of ideas, and implementation. In order to achieve this, the following methodology was adopted: Analysis of similar registries by potential end-users and seeking potential solutions and tools to be used, and conducting 3 rounds of stakeholder consultations via workshops in order to determine crucial parameters and features the registry needs to contain. The key discussion points were about which data the registry needs to contain, who shall be the potential users, and what are the stakeholderʼs expectations from the registryʼs portal. Potential individual registry variables were identified as being relevant/irrelevant or available/unavailable, and potential solutions for the registrys sustainability were explored. Each Al-rich waste/residue data entry is divided into 10 slots, describing legal status, location, quantities, chemical (REE included), mineralogical, physical and radiological properties, life-cycle assessment, additional data, and data relevancy. The registry will act as a matchmaking tool between producers/holders of Al-rich secondary raw materials and potential producers of cement clinkers.
Ključne besede: cement, belite sulfoaluminate clinker, waste, by--product, deležniki, open access
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 10.06.2022; Ogledov: 72; Prenosov: 60
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