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Localities and sites of the Southeastern-Alpine endemic species Spiraea decumbens Koch in Breginjski kot (Northwestern Slovenia)
Marko Pavlin, Robert Brus, Igor Dakskobler, 2015

Povzetek: The eastern distribution limit of Spiraea decumbens s. str. is in Breginjski Kot (northwestern Slovenia), where we recorded 49 localities of this eastern-Alpine endemic plant species. We determined two new localities in a new quadrant (9746/4) on riparian rocks of the Nadiža River under Mt. Mija at Kozja Peč, which is currently the southeasternmost point of its entire distribution area. We conducted a phytosociological survey of 26 localities. This endemic occurs in dolomite rock crevices in stands classified within the association Spiraeo-Potentilletum caulescentis. On dolomite screes and torrential fens it is found to dominate on small areas in the successional stages, classified into the provisional association Aquilegio einseleanea-Spiraeetum decumbentis (alliance Petasition paradoxi) and into the new association Spiraeo decumbentis-Seslerietum calcariae (alliance Caricion austroalpinae). These stages are gradually becoming overgrown with thermophilous deciduous trees, and in one of the relevés we found the studied species in an open hop hornbeam stand classified into the association Fraxino orni-Ostryetum. Its populations are vital and unthreatened, except in the two new localities under Mt. Mija, which call for special protection due to their small size and a possibility of being backfilled with gravel.
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 12.07.2017; Ogledov: 1650; Prenosov: 802
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Prof. dr. Marko Accetto (9. avgust 1936 - 22. junij 2017)
Igor Dakskobler, Mitja Zupančič, 2017

Ključne besede: biografije, bibliografije
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 03.09.2017; Ogledov: 2753; Prenosov: 331
.pdf Celotno besedilo (140,33 KB)

Phytosociological description of mesophilous colline-submontane Fagus sylvatica and Carpinus betulus forests in Slovenian Istria
Zvone Sadar, Igor Dakskobler, 2018

Povzetek: A phytosociological analysis of 46 relevés of mesophilous colline and submontane Fagus sylvatica as well as (or) Carpinus betulus forests was conducted in Slovenian Istria. It was established that they are frequently syndynamically interrelated: in places, common hornbeam stands are merely a degradation stage on beech sites, and can be classified into the subassociation Ornithogalo pyrenaici-Fagetum fraxinetosum orni (its locus classicus is in the Goriška Brda Hills) and into the new subassociation Ornithogalo pyrenaici-Carpinetum betuli seslerietosum autumnalis. Compared with similar submontane stands from other parts of the western and southwestern Slovenia they are slightly poorer in species, with fewer diagnostic species of alliances Erythronio-Carpinion, Aremonio-Fagion and Tilio-Acerion, order Fagetalia sylvaticae and class Vaccinio-Piceetea, and with more diagnostic species of the order Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae. Geographically, they are characterised by the taxon Helleborus odorus subsp. istriacus. Although they cover small areas these forests generate high yields and are therefore important both economically and as biotopes of protected species.
Ključne besede: phytosociology, synsystematics, beech sites, Ornithogalo-Carpinetum, Ornithogalo-Fagetum, Istria, Slovenia
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 15.06.2018; Ogledov: 1997; Prenosov: 1120
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Jože Skumavec - in memoriam
Igor Dakskobler, Andrej Arih, Mitja Zupančič, 2020

DiRROS - Objavljeno: 10.10.2020; Ogledov: 290; Prenosov: 57
.pdf Celotno besedilo (141,61 KB)

Pregled bukovih rastišč v Sloveniji
Igor Dakskobler, 2008

Ključne besede: gozdne združbe, bukev, fitocenologija, sintaksonomija, rastišča, Slovenija
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 17.11.2020; Ogledov: 183; Prenosov: 85
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,41 MB)

Pregled jelovih rastišč v Sloveniji
Igor Dakskobler, Aleksander Marinšek, 2009

Povzetek: Članek vsebuje pregled jelovih rastišč na ozemlju Slovenije. Našteli in kratko opisali smo deset jelovih (bukovo-jelovih, smrekovo-jelovih) združb. Nekatere uspevajo na svežih do vlažnih, nevtrofilnih ali acidofilnih rastiščih podgorskega in gorskega pasu (Galio-Abietetum, Bazzanio-Abietetum, Polysticho setiferi-Abietetum), druge na zelo skalnatih karbonatnih ali silikatnih rastiščih z inicialnimi tlemi (npr. Ribeso alpini-Piceetum, Neckero-Abietetum, Calamagrostio-Abietetum, Paraleucobryo-Abietetum). Jelka ima pomembno ekološko, biotopsko in gospodarsko vlogo v nekaterih bukovih (jelovo-bukovih) združbah (npr. Omphalodo-Fagetum, Homogyno sylvestris-Fagetum, Anemono-Fagetum). Uspeva v večini smrekovih združb, v macesnovju (Rhodothamno-Laricetum) in alpskem ruševju (Rhododendro hirsuti-Pinetum prostratae = Rhodothamno-Rhododendretum hirusti).
Ključne besede: gozdne združbe, bela jelka, Abies alba, jelovi gozdovi, fitocenologija, sintaksonomija, Slovenija
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 17.11.2020; Ogledov: 215; Prenosov: 93
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