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Modelno umeščanje energetskega obrata v prostor
Matevž Triplat, Nike Krajnc, Mitja Piškur, 2014

Keywords: modeli, energetika, optimizacija, prostorska analiza
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 2211; Downloads: 584
.pdf Fulltext (27,11 MB)

Linear features on karst surfaces: an example from Krk Island
Jože Čar, Martin Knez, France Šušteršič, Čedomir Benac, Ela Šegina, 2021

Abstract: Krk Island located in the Dinaric karst is characterized by somewhat contradictory, yet undefined depressions of linear geometry. A comprehensive spatial analysis considering over 900 linear features served as a testing ground for revealing the specific circumstances required for the occurrence of the linear morphology on the surface of rather pure karst typically characterized by dolines. Morphological characteristics, spatial distribution and field evidence imply that linear features of different appearance are the outcome of several different mechanisms including speleogenesis and denudation, slope processes and erosion by the torrential surface runoff. Surface runoff occurred due to specific regional geological, morphological and climate conditions in the area. Recently, such linear features exhibit a dry valley- or dry gorge-like appearance. This example from the Dinarides provides insight into the possible circumstances that may cause a temporal surface runoff even in rather pure karst conditions. This knowledge is valuable for understanding other karst areas expressing temporal surface runoff or imprints of its past occurrences.
Keywords: kras, geomorfologija, prostorska analiza, suhe kraške doline, linearne oblike
DiRROS - Published: 03.03.2022; Views: 170; Downloads: 81
.pdf Fulltext (4,24 MB)

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