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Expounding the concept of religion in Islam as understood by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Mesut Idriz, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: The discussions concerning the religion in Islam have a long history in Mus-lim intellectual tradition, particularly in the Arabic language. However, with the rise and development of Islamic oriental studies in the Western world in the last two centuries and particularly after the second half of the 20th century onwards, a “return” to semantic studies began re-emerging. Realizing the necessity, Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas began to focus and develop the definitions that had been altered, and clarified misunderstood and misleading concepts in relation to the religion of Islam in both the Muslim world and the West. Beginning from the 1970s, al-Attas began explicating his thoughts for the English speaking milieu (later in other languages). Al-Attas’s profound knowledge in various disciplines, traditions, cultures, and languages allowed him to begin to contribute scholarly input as he contributed his beliefs as well as ideas in the academic environment. In this article, al-Attas’s comprehensive understanding will be discussed briefly, but in some detail, including is own specific intellectual contributions.
Keywords: religion, Islam, din and religion, Qur’an, Arabic language
Published in DiRROS: 19.05.2022; Views: 91; Downloads: 74
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Islamic mysticism and interreligious dialogue
Mohammad Saeedimehr, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: My aim in this paper is to investigate Islamic Mysticism and find out how and to what extent mystical views can build good grounds for a productive and fruit-ful interreligious dialogue. First, I provide a brief clarification of what I mean by the notions of ‘interreligious dialogue’ and ‘Islamic mysticism.’ Then, I explain three mystical principles as three bases for the promotion of interreligious dialo-gue. These are the metaphysico-theological principle of ‘the unity of existence’ (waḥdat al-wujūd), the anthropological thesis of fitra (primordial nature), and the hermeneutic method for interpreting the Qur’an. Finally, I explore the implicati-ons of these principles for interreligious dialogue and discuss the role of mystical teachings in promoting interreligious dialogue in two different, though interrela-ted, areas: doxastic and moral.
Keywords: Islam, Islamic mysticism, interreligious dialogue, sufism, Ibn ‘Arabi
Published in DiRROS: 11.05.2022; Views: 105; Downloads: 94
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Religion and literature, identity and individual : resetting the Muslim-Christian encounter
Carool Kersten, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: In the first two decades of the twenty-first century inter-faith encounters have become a casualty of a paradigm shift in the thinking about the global order from the political-ideological bi-polar worldview of the Cold War era to a multipolar world marred by the prospect of culture wars along civilisational fault lines shaped by religiously-informed identity politics. On the back of 9/11 and other atrocities perpetrated by violent extremists from Muslim backgrounds, in particular relations with Muslims and the Islamic world are coined in binary terms of us-versus-them. Drawing on earlier research on cosmopolitanism, cul-tural hybridity and liminality, this article examines counter narratives to such modes of dichotomous thinking. It also seeks to shift away from the abstrac-tions of collective religious identity formations to an appreciation of individual interpretations of religion. For that purpose, the article interrogates the notions of cultural schizophrenia, double genealogy and west-eastern affinities developed by philosophers and creative writers, such as Daryush Shayegan, Abdelwahab Meddeb, and Navid Kermani.
Keywords: religion, literature, culture, Islam, philosophy of religion
Published in DiRROS: 28.03.2022; Views: 112; Downloads: 74
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The diminishing agency of urbanised Alevis against the raise of political Islam in Turkey
Özge Onay, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper critically examines the diminishing agency of the first-urbanised Alevi generation vis- à-vis the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and their sec-tarian agenda mediated by political Islam. The conceptual position is underpinned by Foucault’s concept of governmentality and theory of agency in broader cultu-ral terms. These theoretical frameworks interweave to present a rich and complex set of snapshots that document the first-urbanised Alevi generation’s decreasing possibilities of action in the urban context. Accordingly, the empirical data that informs this piece has been collected by a series of qualitative and semi-structured interviews with the first-urbanised Alevi generation, children of those who migra-ted to urban areas in the 1960s and wittingly or unwittingly kept their identities undisclosed to varying degrees. Those interviewed come from a range of different professional backgrounds, with the only common point being that they have spent their childhoods and adult years in Istanbul, Turkey. Through a close engagement with the empirical material, this paper addresses the effects of the AKP’s Sunnifica-tion process centring around political Islam on the first generation urbanised Ale-vis and to what extent the systemic nature of this process attenuates or takes away their agency in the urban context. The account is focused around three key the-mes including daily life, institutional forms of discrimination and the workplace.
Keywords: political Islam, AKP government, urbanised Alevis, agency
Published in DiRROS: 22.03.2022; Views: 146; Downloads: 78
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