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Wheelslip in skidding with the AGT 835 T adapted farm tractor
Jurij Marenče, Boštjan Košir, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper presents a wheelslip measurement method for small farm tractors (AGT835 T) adapted for skidding, with mechanical and hydrostatic mechanical transmissions. The research focused on uphill skidding, as slip values measured in uphill skidding are higher than in downhill skidding. A comparisonwas made of the performance of tractors carrying equal load but equipped with mechanical and hydrostatic transmission systems. The hydrostaticdrive causes higher negative load values in downhill skidding, and slightly higher slippage. As for hydrostatic tractors, wheelslip is higher in uphill skidding than in downhill skidding. The increase in the sloping of the terrain causes wheelslip to rise progressively. When a tractor travels uphill,slip is linked to a loss of energy. Wheelslip measurements are therefore important for determining the optimum conditions for individual tractor types.
Keywords: skidding, farm tractor, wheelslip, measurement
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 2980; Downloads: 1267
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