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The impact of business informatics develpoment on business operations in Slovenian wood industry companies
Jože Kropivšek, Leon Oblak, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: The rapid development of business informatics is greatly influencing (global) business environment formation, while informatisation of business has, at the same time, a significant impact on assuring adapted business operations due tothis (changeable) environment. Informatics is closely connected with almost every (business) field in companies. Thus, the theoretical analysis in the article shows business (and production) informatics course of development and its impact on business operations in (also) Slovenian wood industry companies.A practical analysis in those companies was made with the aid of theopinion pool method in the years 2000 in 2003. The major deficiencies were established first of all in the (contentual) coverage of business processes bythe information system. However, information technology in these companies seems to be relatively up-to-date. According to those (established) deficiencies, possible solutions were indicated to solve the current situationin Slovenian wood industry companies, which was one of the main objectives of the performed research.
Keywords: poslovna informatika, poslovni informacijski sistemi, lesnoindustrijsko podjetje, Slovenija, business informatics, business information systems, wood industry firms, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 4225; Downloads: 1893
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The chronology of the silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) from Pohorje, Slovenia
Tom Levanič, Katarina Čufar, 1998, original scientific article

Abstract: Dendrochronological investigations were made in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) from Lovrenc, Pohorje, in the NE Slovenia. Tree ring analyses were made in discs of 25 healthy, adult, dominant or co-dominant silver firs and in cores from roof construction of two older rustic buildings from the same region using a LINTAB measuring device nad a TSAP/X of F. Rinn. We constructed the chronology of trees spanning the period of 1785-1996. The chronology of the old house is spanning the period of 1713-1852 and the chronology of barn 1745-1887. It was shown that the last considerable reconstruction of the house roof took place after the end of the growing period of 1952. The dating of the cores containining the outer ring 1887 confirmed the dating based on the carved inscription "1888". The three chronologies were joined into 284 years long silver fir chronology for Pohorje spanning the period of 1713-1996. It was compared with the Slovene silver fir chronology of the Dinaric region. Despite distance and great differences between the two regions there was shown a statistically confirmed similarity of two chronologies with tBP=9.8, GLK=71% and CDI=398. The chronologies have 21 common negative, 21 positive signature years and one common signature interval. Based on this the constructed chronology may be considered as representative for the whole Pohorje. The two chronologies are expected to be a good base to construct a regional Slovene Silver-fir chronology for dating in whole Slovenia. Two Slovene chronologies were compared with the following European silver fir chronologies: South German, stand 1993 (Becker and Siebenlist 1970; Spurk and Friedrich , pers. com.), Bavarian Forest - Germany (Eckstein, Sass 1988), Abetone - Italy (Schweingruber, ITRDB), Bannwald - Switzerland (Schweingruber, ITRDB). Both Slovene chronologies proved to be statistically similar with the two German and the Italian silver fir chronology, but showed no similarity with the Swiss one. The Pohorje chronology correlates better with both German ones and the Dinaric chronology correlates better with the Italian one.
Keywords: jelka, Abies alba, datiranje objektov, dendrokronologija, Silver fir, Abies alba, dating of the object, dendrochronology, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 4295; Downloads: 1938
.pdf Full text (232,03 KB)

Vascular plants on beech dead wood in two Slowenian forest reserves
Lado Kutnar, Péter Ódor, Klaas van Dort, 2002, original scientific article

Keywords: Kočevska, Slovenia, dead wood, coarse woody debris, beech, undergrowth, diversity, virgin forest remnant
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 4316; Downloads: 1892
.pdf Full text (936,76 KB)

Raba lesnih sekancev v podjetju : prijazno okolju - neodvisno - konkurenčno : Ljubljana
Nike Krajnc, Tine Premrl, Tina Jemec, 2012, other monographs and other completed works

Keywords: lesni sekanci, daljinsko ogrevanje, primeri dobre prakse, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 2969; Downloads: 870
.pdf Full text (353,75 KB)

Daljinsko ogrevanje na lesne sekance : okolju prijazno - lokalno - konkurenčno : Lenart
Tine Premrl, Nike Krajnc, 2012, other monographs and other completed works

Keywords: lesni sekanci, daljinsko ogrevanje, primeri dobre prakse, Lenart, Slovenia
Published in DiRROS: 12.07.2017; Views: 2900; Downloads: 727
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