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Sušenje jelovih krošenj zaradi gliv povezanih s Pityokteines vorontzowi
Ana Brglez, Barbara Piškur, Andreja Kavčič, 2023, short scientific article

Keywords: gozdovi, varstvo gozdov, bela jelka, Abies alba, Vorontzowov jelov lubadar, Pityokteines vorontzowi, Geosmithia sp.
Published in DiRROS: 24.03.2023; Views: 225; Downloads: 84
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Potential link between ectomycorrhizal community composition and host tree phenology
Tina Unuk Nahberger, Rok Damjanić, Hojka Kraigher, Tine Grebenc, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: The timing of leaf phenology tends to be crucial in controlling ecosystem processes such as the acquisition of carbon and water loss as well as in controlling tree nutrient cycling. To date, tree phenology has mostly been associated with environmental control (e.g., temperature and photoperiod) in a relationship with inheritance, while it has rarely been linked with ectomycorrhizal community compositional changes through the host tree’s phenological stages. Seasonal variations of fungal communities have been widely studied, but little is known about mycorrhiza community composition changes along phenological stages. Therefore, we analyzed ectomycorrhizal communities associated with silver fir and their compositional changes during the transition between phenological stages. The phenological stages of each individual tree and time of bud break were monitored weekly for two years and, at the same time, ectomycorrhiza was harvested from selected silver fir trees. In total, 60 soil cores were analyzed for differences in the ectomycorrhizal community between phenological stages using Sanger sequencing of individual ectomycorrhizal morphotypes. A significant difference in beta diversity for an overall ectomycorrhizal community was confirmed between analyzed time periods for both sampled years. Species-specific reactions to transitions between phenological stages were confirmed for 18 different ectomycorrhizal taxa, where a positive correlation of Russula ochroleuca, Russula illota, Tomentella sublilacina, and Tylospora fibrillosa was observed with the phenological stage of bud burst.
Keywords: Abies alba (Mill.), ectomycorrhizal community, phenological stages
Published in DiRROS: 20.12.2021; Views: 583; Downloads: 434
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