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Long-term survival of a patient with liver metastases from clear cell gastric adenocarcinoma after multimodality treatment including interventional oncology techniques : case report
Vesna Jugovec, Jernej Benedik, Jera Jeruc, Peter Popović, 2022, short scientific article

Abstract: Background: Gastric cancer (GC) is the fourth most common cancer and the third leading cancer-related cause of death worldwide since most patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage. The majority of GCs are adenocarcinomas (ACs), and the poorly characterized clear cell AC represents a unique subgroup of GCs and is an independent marker of poor prognosis. Even though the prognosis for patients with advanced GC is poor we present a report of a patient with long-term survival despite having liver metastases from clear cell gastric AC. Case presentation: A 45-year-old male with clear cell gastric AC underwent subtotal gastrectomy and postoperative chemoradiation. Only a year and a half after his initial treatment the disease spread to his liver. He received two lines of chemotherapy treatment within the next two years before a right hepatectomy was suggested. Due to an initially insufficient future liver remnant (FLR), transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) and portal vein embolization (PVE) were performed, which made the surgical procedure possible. Shortly after a disease progression in the remaining liver was detected. In the following three years the patient was treated with a carefully planned combination of systemic therapy and different interventional oncology techniques including selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) and TACE. And as illustrated, an attentive, patient-tailored, multimodality treatment approach can sometimes greatly benefit our patients as he had an overall survival of 88 months despite the poor prognosis of his disease. Conclusion: To the best of our knowledge, this report is the first to describe a patient with liver metastases from clear cell gastric AC treated with interventional oncology techniques (PVE, TACE, and SIRT) in combination with other locoregional and systemic therapies thereby presenting that these interventional oncology techniques can be successfully integrated into long-term management of non-conventional liver tumors.
Keywords: gastric adenocarcinoma, survival, multimodality treatment
Published in DiRROS: 15.09.2022; Views: 306; Downloads: 186
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Priporočila Onkološkega inštituta za zdravljenje bolnikov z adenokarcinomom želodca
2021, other monographs and other completed works

Abstract: V Sloveniji vsako leto zboli zaradi raka želodca okrog 450 bolnikov, od tega ima tri četrtine bolnikov ob postavitvi diagnoze razširjeno ali razsejano bolezen. Zato je pomembno, da imamo razvito sodobno multidisciplinarno zdravljenje. Onkološki inštitut je na poti pridobitve evropske onkološke akreditacije, ki jo podeljuje priznana Evropska organizacija onkoloških inštitutov (OECI), katere član je tudi Onkološki inštitut Ljubljana. Namen tega projekta je razvoj kliničnih poti, ki bodo omogočile celostno obravnavo bolnikov z rakom. Slovenskih priporočil za zdravljenje adenokarcinoma želodca trenutno nimamo, zato smo bili primorani sprejeti te, ki jim bomo sledili na Onkološkem inštitutu. V teh priporočilih, zaradi drugačne narave bolezni, ni zajeto zdravljenje raka ezofagogastričnega stika.
Keywords: rak želodca, adenokarcinom, onkološko zdravljenje, priporočila
Published in DiRROS: 14.09.2021; Views: 1187; Downloads: 317
.pdf Full text (983,68 KB)

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