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Poročilo o preskusu št.: LVG 2023-077 : vzorec št. 2023/00482
Ana Brglez, 2023, expertise, arbitration decision

Keywords: varstvo gozdov, morfološke analize, črna bulavost leske, navadna leska, Corylus avellana
Published in DiRROS: 25.08.2023; Views: 104; Downloads: 0

Diversity of phytophthora species involved in new diseases of mountain vegetation in Europe with the description of phytophthora pseudogregata sp. nov.
Carlo Bregant, Giovanni Rossetto, Letizia Meli, Nicolò Sasso, Lucio Montecchio, Ana Brglez, Barbara Piškur, Nikica Ogris, Lucia Maddau, Benedetto Teodoro Linaldeddu, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: New and emerging Phytophthora-related diseases in small trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants typical of subalpine vegetation have recently been observed in Italy and Slovenia. Diseased plants showed a complex symptomatology including foliar necrosis, fruit rot, shoot blight and branch bleeding cankers. Since little information is available about the aetiology of these aerial Phytophthora diseases, from 2019 to 2022, field surveys were conducted in 54 sites to define the occurrence, distribution and impact of the Phytophthora species on mountain vegetation. A total of 360 Phytophthora isolates were obtained from 397 samples collected from 33 herbaceous and woody host species. Based on phylogenetic analysis and morphometric data, 17 Phytophthora species were identified: P. pseudosyringae (201 isolates), P. plurivora (54), P. gonapodyides (21), P. ilicis (20), P. alpina (17), P. acerina (11), P. cactorum (7), P. pseudocryptogea (6), P. cambivora (5), P. idaei (4), P. psychrophila (3), P. bilorbang (2), P. chlamydospora (2), P. hedraiandra (1), P. kelmanii (1), P. rosacearum (1) and P. syringae (1). In addition, three isolates of a new putative Phytophthora species obtained from Alnus viridis, Juniperus communis and Rhododendron ferrugineum are described here as Phytophthora pseudogregata sp. nov. Overall, the results highlighted an unexpectedly high diversity of Phytophthora species in mountain areas, with many species able to cause aerial infections due to the production of caducous sporangia.
Keywords: alpine regions, emerging disease, oomycetes, foliar necrosis, ITS clade 6, phylogeny
Published in DiRROS: 01.08.2023; Views: 158; Downloads: 141
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Poročilo o preskusu št.: LVG 2023-057 : vzorec št. 2023/00269
Ana Brglez, 2023, expertise, arbitration decision

Keywords: varstvo gozdov, morfološke analize, Anisogramma anomala, črna bulavost leske, Corylus
Published in DiRROS: 19.07.2023; Views: 131; Downloads: 0

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