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Uncovering the latent preferences of Slovenia’s private forest owners in the context of enhancing forest Ecosystem Services through a Hypothetical Scheme
Kaja Plevnik, Anže Japelj, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Background and objectives: Successful policy implementation relies on understanding stakeholders’ willingness to contribute to policy goals. The EU Green Deal, with strategies on forests, biodiversity, and the bioeconomy, also depends on the performance of the forestry sector, including a significant portion of privately owned forests. Materials and methods: We conducted a nationwide survey among a sample of 341 private forest owners in Slovenia (total population of 424,086). The online questionnaire had three sections: (1) knowledge and priorities regarding ecosystem services and the bioeconomy, (2) a discrete choice experiment for eliciting preferences concerning the implementation of activities supporting strategic goals originating from EU Green Deal policies, and (3) socio-economic data and future forest management objectives. Results: The results indicated heterogeneity in preferences for performing activities on private forest lands to enhance specific forest ES that contribute to policy goals. More than half of the respondents (57.6%) exhibited a reluctance to implement activities and were skeptical of higher compensation payments, whereas the rest expressed an inclination towards changing their forest management. Conclusions: Slovenia’s private forest owners appear to be heterogeneous in their willingness to participate in a hypothetical ES enhancement scheme that could contribute to some EU Green Deal goals. Policymakers must recognize intrinsic motives and social norms that affect the willingness of forest owners to be engaged to increase the acceptance of solutions.
Keywords: European Green Deal policies, discrete choice experiment, private forest owners, payment-related enhancement scheme
Published in DiRROS: 05.12.2023; Views: 28; Downloads: 16
.pdf Full text (7,24 MB)
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Vasja Leban, Anže Japelj, Lidija Zadnik Stirn, Špela Pezdevšek Malovrh, 2023, preface, editorial, afterword

Keywords: forest management, economics, conferences, preface
Published in DiRROS: 14.11.2023; Views: 268; Downloads: 75
.pdf Full text (90,49 KB)

The importance of forest owners’ understanding of European forest-related policies for their successful implementation
Kaja Plevnik, Anže Japelj, 2023, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: forest owners, opinions, ecosystem services, forest management, bioeconomy
Published in DiRROS: 06.10.2023; Views: 210; Downloads: 63
.pdf Full text (71,71 KB)

Deal for Green? : contribution of managerial economics, accounting, and crosssectoral policy analysis to climate neutrality and forest management
2023, proceedings of peer-reviewed scientific conference contributions (international and foreign conferences)

Keywords: trajnost, gospodarjenje z gozdovi, ekonomika, ekosistemske storitve, gozdno lastništvo, gozdni proizvodi, zborniki
Published in DiRROS: 04.10.2023; Views: 410; Downloads: 116
.pdf Full text (4,73 MB)

Mednarodna konferenca IUFRO skupin 4.05.00 in 9.05.03 v Ljubljani
Vasja Leban, Anže Japelj, Lidija Zadnik Stirn, Špela Pezdevšek Malovrh, 2023, popular article

Keywords: IUFRO, najava konference
Published in DiRROS: 19.05.2023; Views: 232; Downloads: 40
.pdf Full text (91,02 KB)

Ascertaining the knowledge of the general public and stakeholders in the forestry sector to invasive alien species - a Pan-European study
Flavius Balacenoiu, Anže Japelj, Iris Bernardinelli, Bastien Castagneyrol, György Csóka, Milka Glavendekić, Gernot Hoch, Boris Hrašovec, Silvija Krajter Ostoić, Márton Paulin, David Williams, Johan Witters, Maarten De Groot, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Against the background of the phenomenon of globalisation, which has increasingly intensified in recent decades, invasive alien species (IAS) have led to biological invasions that have resulted in multiple negative effects on economies, human health, and especially on the environment. In order to control invasive alien species, preventive actions are considered the most effective methods. In this context, society can actively participate in the process of early detection and preventing the spread of these organisms, but there is a need to raise public awareness. In order for this process to take place in the most efficient way, it is necessary to initially evaluate the knowledge of the general public to IAS. Through a questionnaire that was circulated in ten European countries and had over two thousand respondents, this study aimed to investigate the level of knowledge of some stakeholders in the forestry sector regarding IAS. The results showed that a vast majority of respondents who participated in the study had heard about IAS and provided a correct definition of these organisms. Most of the respondents in this study heard for the first time about IAS from school, the Internet, or journal articles. Data analysis also showed that stakeholders in the forestry sector (foresters, forest owners, and members of environmental NGOs) were more likely than the other respondents to be aware of the impact of IAS. The results of this study offer an insight to researchers and decision makers assessing the differences of opinion regarding invasive alien species, and the necessary steps that could be adopted in the process of raising awareness in society.
Keywords: citizen science, online survey, biosecurity
Published in DiRROS: 09.03.2023; Views: 388; Downloads: 145
.pdf Full text (1,23 MB)
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Mednarodni simpozij IUFRO skupine 4.05 v nemškem Hamburgu
Vasja Leban, Anže Japelj, Lidija Zadnik Stirn, 2022, popular article

Keywords: IUFRO, posvetovanje
Published in DiRROS: 13.12.2022; Views: 302; Downloads: 60
.pdf Full text (440,43 KB)

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