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New documents in DiRROS:

07.08.2017IJSarticleStance and influence of Twitter users regarding the Brexit referendum
14.07.2017SciVieotherStudia Forestalia Slovenica
13.07.2017SciVieotherZbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva
13.07.2017SciVieotherIzvestja Gozdarskega instituta Slovenije
12.07.2017SciVieotherActa Silvae et Ligni
12.07.2017SciViearticleSpravilo lesa iglavcev navzgor in navzdol z žičnim žerjavom Wanderfalke U-AM in univerzalnim vozičkom Sherpa U
12.07.2017SciViearticleO kulturi dela v gozdarstvu
12.07.2017SciViearticleEffects of thinning on growth and productivity of pure and mixed European chestnut stands
12.07.2017SciViearticleGrowth of half-sib progenies of European chestnut at the pole stand stage

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OrganisationArticles and other component parts Monographs and other completed worksPerformed works (events) ALL
ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency0    0
CTK - Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana00  0
GeoZS - Geological Survey of Slovenia0    0
IER - Institute for Economic Research        
IHR - Institute for Hydraulic research        
IJS - Jožef Stefan Institute10  1
IK - Institute of Criminology at Ljubljana Faculty of Law00  0
IMT - Institute of Metals and Technology        
INV - Institute for Ethnic Studies        
INZ - Institute of Contemporary History        
IZUM - Institute of Information Science        
KI - National Institute of Chemistry00  0
KIS - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia00  0
NIB - National Institute of Biology0000
OI - Institute of Oncology00  0
PI - Educational Research Institute        
SB-CE - General Hospital Celje        
SB-JE - General Hospital Jesenice        
SciVie - Slovenian Forestry Institute0000
UIRS - Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia        
UPK - University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana        
ZAG - Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute        
ZGDS - Zveza gozdarskih društev Slovenije0    0
ZRC-SAZU - Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts        
Last update: 16.08.2017