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23.05.2018KIarticleZnanstvenik, ki se nikoli ne vda
22.05.2018KIeventElectrodos de Li4Ti5O12 en lámina delgada obtenidos por sol-gel para microbaterías de ión litio : influencia del precursor de litio en el comportamiento electroquímico : predavanje na XIII Congreso Nacional de Materiales, 18-20 junio, 2014, Barcelona
22.05.2018KIarticleAnálisis Estructural de materiales híbridos mediante espectroscopía Raman y FTIR para su aplicación como electrolitos sólidos en microbaterías de ión-Li
22.05.2018KImonographProcess and catalysts to produce methacrylic acid monomer from biomass- derived carboxylic acids : patentna prijava : EP18166315.4, 2018-04-09
22.05.2018KIarticleSurface modified titanium dioxide using transition metals : nickel as a winning transition metal for solar light photocatalysis
22.05.2018KIeventSol-gel synthesis of Li [sub] 4Ti [sub] 5O [sub] {12} thin-film electrode for Lithium-ion microbatteries : lecture at the HYCELTEC 2011 (III Iberian Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries, Zaragoza, 27-30 June 2011
22.05.2018KIeventThermal and mechanodynamical properties of imidazolium-based ionic liquid polymer gel electrolytes : lecture at the XV Simposio Latinoamericano de Polímeros (SLAP), 23-27 October, 2016, Cancún (Mexico)
22.05.2018KIeventSpectroscopical and structural analyses of imidazolium-based ionic liquid polymer gel electrolytes : lecture at the XV Simposio Latinoamericano de Polímeros (SLAP), 23-27 October, 2016, Cancún (Mexico)
22.05.2018KIarticleDihydro-tetraazapentacene organic electrode for rechargeable lithium metal batteries
22.05.2018KIarticleImidazolium-based LiTFSI-doped ether- and alkyl-functionalized dicationic ionic liquid electrolytes

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OrganisationArticles and other component parts Monographs and other completed worksPerformed works (events) ALL
ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency0    0
CTK - Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana00  0
GeoZS - Geological Survey of Slovenia0    0
IER - Institute for Economic Research        
IHR - Institute for Hydraulic research        
IJS - Jožef Stefan Institute00  0
IK - Institute of Criminology at Ljubljana Faculty of Law00  0
IMT - Institute of Metals and Technology        
INV - Institute for Ethnic Studies        
INZ - Institute of Contemporary History        
IZUM - Institute of Information Science        
KI - National Institute of Chemistry206127
KIS - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia00  0
NIB - National Institute of Biology0000
OI - Institute of Oncology00  0
PI - Educational Research Institute        
PMS - Slovenian Museum of Natural History        
SB-CE - General Hospital Celje0    0
SB-JE - General Hospital Jesenice        
SciVie - Slovenian Forestry Institute1001
UIRS - Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia        
UPK - University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana        
URI – Soča - University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia        
ZAG - Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute        
ZGDS - Zveza gozdarskih društev Slovenije10    10
ZRC-SAZU - Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts        
ZRS Koper - Science and Research Centre Koper        
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