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Identification of types of ectomycorrhizae on seedlings in a beech provenance trial
Marjana Westergren, Tine Grebenc, Gregor Božič, Robert Brus, Hojka Kraigher, 2004

Povzetek: Root systems and types of ectomycorrhizae (ECM) were analysed on three 7-year-old beech seedlings (Fagus sylvatica L.) of three provenances (Val di Sella, Idrija, Nizbor) from an international beech provenance trial and on a naturally regenerated 5-year-old beech seedling from the same site (Kamenski vrh by Novo mesto). All short roots were mycorrhizal. In the sampled 20,302 root tips 49 % were non-turgescent and unidentifiable ECM. Twenty-two different types of ECM were identified, out of which 11 were successfully determined either to the species or genus level. All ECM were described by morphological and anatomical characteristics, basidiomycetes also by molecularmethods. ECM that was not successfully determined either to the species or genus level formed a new cluster in the Slovenian mycorrhizal molecular database. Species richness and percentage of vital ECM roots were highest for the provenance from Idrija (Slovenia). The results indicate that there might be differences between provenances regarding the abundance of ECM,which should be further studied.
Ključne besede: beech, provenance trial, ectomycorrhizae, types of ectomycorrhizae
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 12.07.2017; Ogledov: 1570; Prenosov: 424
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Morphological traits of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in international provenance tests in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić, Semir Bejtić, Selma Vejzagić, Dalibor Ballian, 2020

Povzetek: Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) is one of the most important tree species in European forests. This study aims to determine whether there is inter-provenance variability in researched morphological traits in two international provenance tests of Scots pine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We measured height, root collar diameter, and latest shoot length and counted branches on the latest branch whorl of Scots pine plants in two provenance tests. The provenance tests are located in Kupres and Žepče, in different climatic, edaphic, and orographic conditions. Kupres and Žepče contain 15 and 14 provenances, respectively, eleven of which are mutual to both sites. Descriptive statistics and analysis of variance showed differences among provenances in all investigated morphological traits. These differences were attributable to provenance test, provenance, and interaction between provenance test and provenance. The average values were higher in Žepče for all provenances and all studied traits. The Austria A1, Austria A2, Austria A3, and Poland P1 provenances showed the best growth in both tests, while the Italy I1 provenance showed good growth in Žepče but not in Kupres.
Ključne besede: Scots pine, provenance tests, morphological traits, Pinus sylvestris L.
DiRROS - Objavljeno: 01.04.2020; Ogledov: 562; Prenosov: 558
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