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Načrt za pospeševanje topolov na področju OLO Ljubljana
Jože Miklavžič, Janez Božič, 1959

Keywords: topoli, Populus sp., Ljubljana, gozdnogospodarski načrti, gozdovi
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 1248; Downloads: 422
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Načrt za pospeševanje topolov na področju OLO Murska Sobota
Jože Miklavžič, Janez Božič, 1960

Keywords: gozdnogospodarski načrti, topoli, Populus sp., Murska Sobota
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 1143; Downloads: 260
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Spremljanje rasti topolovih nasadov in ekoloških sprememb na obdravskem zemljišču : 1. del
Janez Božič, Lado Eleršek, 1979

Keywords: topoli, Populus sp., gojenje gozdov
DiRROS - Published: 12.07.2017; Views: 1250; Downloads: 351
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Abscisic acid enhances lead translocation from the roots to the leaves and alleviates its toxicity in Populus x canescens
Wen-Guang Shi, Wenzhe Liu, Wenjian Yu, Yuhong Zhang, Shen Ding, Hong Li, Tanja Mrak, Hojka Kraigher, Zhi-Bin Luo, 2019

Abstract: To shed light on physiological mechanisms underlying abscisic-acid (ABA)-mediated lead (Pb) uptake, translocation and detoxification, we exposed Populus x canescens saplings to either 0 or 3 mM Pb2+ in combination with either 0 or 10 M exogenous ABA. Pb was taken up by the roots and accumulated mainly in the cortex. A fraction of the Pb in the roots was translocated to the leaves, thereby resulting in decreased photosynthesis and biomass. Pb accumulation caused a burst of reactive oxygen species (ROS), with higher concentrations of total thiols, glutathione, and ascorbate in the roots and/or leaves. Exogenous ABA stimulated Pb uptake, decreased Pb deposition in the cortex, and enhanced Pb vascular loading in the roots. Exogenous ABA alleviated the Pb-induced reductions in photosynthesis and root biomass, and decreased Pb-triggered ROS overproduction in the roots and/or leaves. Correspondingly, exogenous ABA stimulated the mRNA levels of a few genes involved in Pb uptake, transport, and detoxification, including NRAMP1.4, ABCG40, FRD3.1, PCS1.1, and ABCC1.1. These results suggest that exogenous ABA enhances Pb uptake and translocation, and alleviates Pb toxicity in poplars through the ABA-induced movement of Pb from the root cortex to the vascular stele, and transcriptionally regulated key genes involved in Pb tolerance.
Keywords: detoxification, heavy metal, phytohormones, Populus, transcriptional regulation
DiRROS - Published: 20.02.2020; Views: 239; Downloads: 108
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